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  1. [DayZ] Scripts for MTA DayZ

    Tomorrow I record how everything works
  2. [DayZ] Scripts for MTA DayZ

    So, run a stable server on these scripts It's just a big shit, coded and buggy
  3. [DayZ] Scripts for MTA DayZ

    Yes, the greatest demand script is save tent and vehicle last script sold on saturday
  4. [DayZ] Scripts for MTA DayZ

    @JBoy You forgotten at the gamemode , there are holes Thanks to my script writing can be read even a few days in advance and save up to date. So, don't use the shit out of gamemode
  5. [DayZ] Scripts for MTA DayZ

    Please specify which of these scripts is added to the gamemode. Hmm ... None of these ...
  6. [DayZ] Scripts for MTA DayZ

    !refresh Add payment : ¤ PaySafeCard ¤ CS:GO Skins
  7. [DayZ] Scripts for MTA DayZ

    refresh prices settle down If anyone wants to know more about a particular script, I invite you on skype
  8. [DayZ] Scripts for MTA DayZ

    I did? ----- Edit.: mihayy5 saw my script, has confirmed is different from my script
  9. [DayZ] Scripts for MTA DayZ

    Hello everyone. We sell the following scripts for MTA DayZ [3€] Save Tent System - create and load the xml file with tents (auto backup - 30min) [5€] Save Vehicle System - create and load the xml file with vehicles (auto backup - 30min) [7€] Copy Block - blockade copy (of items ~ all ways) [5€] Auto Spawn Vehicle - spawn vehicles on the map at a specified time [8€] New panel of the gang - 100% repair permissions [2€] Global Chat - anti-advertising and rank [8€] Base system - in marker [3€] "Zombotech" in SF with objects [4€] AntyRelog All scripts are uncompiled ! All scripts are copyright and have full rights. Contact: Skype: mrwow2 Payment: Paypal Paysafecard Skrill All I can show on skype.