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  1. Thanks, probably just an oversight. Sure would be nice to see this resolution dictating fixed for a vertical monitor, that mta might play nice along side its ivmp and ragemp brethren when displayed vertically. No reason it doesn't really. Just another case of too much government. I'll wait for a dev to respond.
  2. There is a settings there <display_resolution>768x1024x32</display_resolution> I changed to <display_resolution>768x768x32</display_resolution> <display_resolution>1024x768x32</display_resolution> saved it with mta closed in both case, on start MTA client asked if I wanted to use the new resolutions I had just entered. I said yes. Then MTA started and loaded the resolution it wanted which was to load 768x1024 the original super tall not very wide resolution.
  3. That would be perfect. Thus far searches has found me nothing. Any ideas where this config hides itself?
  4. That's right 1080 wide 1920 tall monitor, standing on end. It was my hope to run 1024x960 or some almost square resolution on my monitor but once turned vertical and set to reverse portrait the only resolutions are all narrow and very very tall. neither ivmp nor ragemp clients had this issue. How do I get get a simple 1024x768 resolution from mta once turn on end at 1080x1920? I have show unsafe ticked, ive tried other combinations, no luck. Update: I can set it to 1024x768 in landscape mode then switch to portrait, and it retains this resolution after the switch. But alas, on the next MTA client startup it switches to 768x1024.
  5. <minclientversion></minclientversion> does nothing. <minclientversion>1.5</minclientversion> does nothing <minclientversion>1.3.4-0.00000</minclientversion> does nothing How do i disable mandatory updates. Cheaters are no concern of mine.
  6. Have got MTA running fine on my CentOs7 VPS. I would like to know how to best auto start MTA for 24/7 operation on all occasions of server startup/reboot/crash? And should/could it be started as a user? And I would like it start in a screen that is minimized but re-attachable.
  7. my server returns this address but i cant see any folder with this name anywhere in a broad search of the directories via my ftp client.... multitheftauto_linux_x64-1.5.3/mods/deathmatch/acl.xml where is it?
  8. How would i switch from seeing MTA console on linux server to go back to root to do other things then back to MTA without exiting MTA?
  9. I setup my MTA server on CentOS 7.2 exactly as your tutorial describes: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Installing_and_Running_MTASA_Server_on_GNU_Linux#Installation_64_bit it runs, ports are open, client joins, and gosh is it dark in there. No mta resources loaded of course. I am connected via FTP to its server but have no idea where the mta directory that I should upload my resources to is. I looked all around and found nothing familiar. Where is the MTA server directory?
  10. As I recall the San Andreas radio stations can play in MTA. Is there a way to set the the client's In car radio off, and turn their San Andreas game radio volume to 0?
  11. good solutions thanks i'll try both... but i did not find the ACL commands for log or reg? what exactly should i do there.
  12. I wrote my own log in system that of course uses logIn(source,account,pass) addAccount(account,pass) removeAccount(account) and a spiders web of xml but being unfamiliar with MTAs native /register /login system I did not disable these and am having trouble with more seasoned users presuming this is our method to, which causes our system to never log them in. Our solution is to delete the /priv/ folder of course which fixes it. But how do I disable the commands /register and /login so they never bother me again?
  13. And make it delete all old files when you update this. Make it delete old files on startup.
  14. The other day I checked my clientscript.log after my mta was slowing and acting weird and found it had an 18GB clientscript.log file undoubtedly from someones poor code out there. And in MTA. Is this an oversight? Could anyone tell me why MTA would want to create an 18GB text file? Why it bothers to spew out billions of lines of redundant error messages causing problems by reporting problems. How is this helpful to anyone? Do I need MTA incessantly drilling its junk info into my SSD? Can this feature be turned off? Shouldn't it by default by turned off...How much lag are you creating with this. Please turn it off. Please when on make it write no larger than a reasonable limit before writing over itself
  15. and again this morning...