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  1. That would do it. Does this ability originate from within admin panel? can I remove this? If so where is it? Or, Can i remove the f8 ability to remove console entirely? It is an unneeded feature in my server.
  2. ty CCW I have just checked. It appears innocent enough of a trespass. Someone found something i dont know how to do. Is there a command to open Toady admin panel from console?
  3. Woke up to find I had been banned from my own server. banner="Console" reason="HACK" time="1517976691" I have no admins. my acl should be secure. So how does this occur? How does it say Console and not a username for banner? increasingly looking like it is my fault... Banner console i presume means they ticked anonymous admin on the Toady admin panel Is there a way to open Toady admin panel from console?
  4. RAM Hogs

    I got the web performance manager running Here is my performance browser output for RAM with my VPS top output run at the same time. As you can see MTA is very hungry for RAM. What does the performance browser tell me as I am not seeing anything except the stock Admin Panel that seems to be using a lot of RAM.
  5. I am working on reducing bandwidth in my server. And was wondering: I use a in game radio system based on below: addEventHandler( 'onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, function( ) local uSound = playSound3D( '', 2498, -1659, 12 ) setSoundMaxDistance( uSound, 100 ) end ) It streams broadcast music from various web radio stations. Does this stream from the client or the server? When they turn it on everyone around them hears the music. Do they all hear the music as a result of each client streaming that music direct from the radio station to themselves or does the server stream that music from the radio station to itself, then to each of the many clients hearing? I think it is entirely client based and costs my Server no bandwidth. Is this correct?
  6. RAM Hogs

    I don't use OnResourceLoad anywhere in my code. It is all against the wall functions, addCommandHandler, addEventHandler, and maps that run at script startup.
  7. RAM Hogs

    I run a 1 week uptime average and restart 3 of my 5 major resources, that which include vehicles and other pickups, twice a week, with little drop in RAM.
  8. RAM Hogs

    Was surprised to notice how ram light MTA is with a stock package when compared to my usual 400MB download setup, which in action is hogging half my server's RAM. My MTA Server starts up at 10% usage and over 2-3 days climbs up to 45% yet i don't store any data of any kind, and never exceed 25 users on at one time. Baring some specific solution of RAM leakage, just as a general question for all to learn from, what might be the worst offenders in scripting when it comes to RAM hogging?
  9. We're back! Thank you CCW for the quick response and solution.
  10. Hope it happens, :-) The list is life.
  11. We are listed on game-state We are here: mtasa:// but the only traffic I am getting is from favorites. We are no longer listed on the MTA Client. Can't say i've seen the total server count as low as 3,800 in a while either. Maybe it is not just me. But this is killing my server. Ideas? Solutions?
  12. Port 22126 UDP is open. f** yeah! Port 22003 UDP is open. f*** yeah! Port 22005 TCP is open. f*** yeah! There have been no changes to my VPS in 6 months. Server runs all day everyday. Is listed all day everyday.
  13. My server isn't in the MTA Server Masterlist? Been there for 2 years straight. Rebooted server. Rebooted Client. No Change. Still listed fine on game-state. Advise please...
  14. MTA Client Graphic's settings on 1080x1920

    Thanks, probably just an oversight. Sure would be nice to see this resolution dictating fixed for a vertical monitor, that mta might play nice along side its ivmp and ragemp brethren when displayed vertically. No reason it doesn't really. Just another case of too much government. I'll wait for a dev to respond.
  15. MTA Client Graphic's settings on 1080x1920

    There is a settings there <display_resolution>768x1024x32</display_resolution> I changed to <display_resolution>768x768x32</display_resolution> <display_resolution>1024x768x32</display_resolution> saved it with mta closed in both case, on start MTA client asked if I wanted to use the new resolutions I had just entered. I said yes. Then MTA started and loaded the resolution it wanted which was to load 768x1024 the original super tall not very wide resolution.