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  1. Do you use dedicated server/VPS or a game panel? What SO, Kernel version, network adapter (if u know)
  2. Replace "workler" to "worker" in first line.
  3. Post your nginx.conf file (/etc/nginx/nginx.conf
  4. JoaoZanetti

    MTA Crash

    Today game crashed 2x in 30 min. Using CTRL R + CTRL L didn't worked, process keep not responding and no crash screen showed up.
  5. JoaoZanetti

    MTA Crash

    Thanks! I will keep this thread updated if crashes don't stop.
  6. JoaoZanetti

    MTA Crash

    Most of the time its not a crash screen, MTA just freeze and you need to close on task manager, i think this type of crash don't log anything to report files. I just run this command on F8 and MTA started a update, i will keep track if this reduce the number of crashes.
  7. JoaoZanetti

    MTA Crash

    Some players on my server just reported a intermittently crash, we didn't changed anything on server for 5 months, and from 1~2 month ago i'm receiving many crash reports. I crashed today, that's the link for my diag: I'm using GTA Steam version.
  8. I didnt understand that part but i will implement what you said on first reply. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for your answer! But, if someone spawn a car i receive a onClientElementStreamIn event, and when i receive this i call setVehicleGhost() function again, when i use getElementsByType("vehicle") shoudnt be returned all online server vehicles?
  10. Hi everyone! Im trying to make a resource that remove your vehicle collision when you press H. The purpose of this resource is that no one can crash in your vehicle, this function is working fine, but when you hit someone that dont have ghost activated, his car get crashed. I want to make possible if you have ghost activated no one can crash in your car and you cant crash each others cars. I added line 11 because i think that making this function again changing sides would work, but didnt happen.
  11. You can install a web interface to cron too.
  12. To install some packages and edit firewall you need to have root permissions. But yeah, you can run your server without root privileges, its better if you keep minimum needed permissions.
  13. Use this subforum to post in portuguese.
  14. Maybe bootcamp.