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  1. i have da same problem, when i make movies, then game is verry slow...
  2. But we get much better server.... Anyway trust me, our gang dont cheat, if u dont believe, then ask this question VCP DeathB (ask him and say, what he think about this!)
  3. Why so ironically "Dealer" ? What i did you ??? Our gang members are friendly, we propose the idea, but you play the badger and anger ours... Please control your tongue. WHATS WRONG GUY???
  4. Jep, in Love First house you dont can go...
  5. GTA 3 time is over... or not... anyway soon come out GTA 5, ehe some guys are playing GTA 3
  6. Rules and other stuff is in forum, just seek and u find
  7. Our gang, get server next week, this server, what we get is verry good, so i think some games fill be in our server. Server is 24h up!!!
  8. EAST VCBoy


    noup, your stats dont work, anyway i dont see them!!!
  9. Jeh, i have sometimes same problem like "me". I reinstall MTA, and that works!!! So reinstall and then install MTA, so keep playing!!!
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