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  1. Nah it's mine, i created it also im ready to show whole the script to any MTA admin/moderator.
  2. Pictures above shows everything about the script..
  3. Hello everyone, 1 month ago i started working on a script which will allow you to build using custom objects in a limited zone/area, more information bellow. And today i'm releasing the script! CITY ZONES About: City is a 100% player built system used in City zones.. Players can buy zones and then build stuff in their zone, like a house or group/team base. City also allows you to interact with some of it's objects, like programmable doors. City Zone Command List: /zonedata ID - Get information about the specified City zone (Stand in a zone to get the ID) /markzone ID - Find a City zone on your map /buyzone - Buy the City zone that you're stood in /sellzone - Sell the City zone you're stood in back to the server /setzonename ID name - Name your City zone /setzonedelegate ID AccountName - Give or take away permission to edit and add objects /setzoneradio ID webAddressForRadio - Play music to everyone in your zone, to turn it off just do /Cityzoneradio ID /wipezoneobjects ID - Sells every object that is in your zone. /objectswithinzone ID - see how many objects are in a zone /zonedelegates - to see who you've delegated access to. /zonesforsale - to see if have one City to sell. The blip is a green house. City Building Command List: /addentity - View a list of entities, make sure your camera is over the area you want to build on first /delentity - Delete the selected entity /copyentity - Allows you to copy a specific entity /editzonedoor - Allows you to edit a programmable door and give/remove access to players to spawn at the spawn point /editobjecttexture - Allows you to modify the texture of any City object /saveobject - Saves the selected entity. /objectzonesetslowmove 0-10 - Allows you to choose how is the slow movement of the city object 'ALT' is. To edit an object press 'X' then click on the object. City Entity Distance Modifiers: Left Shift - Hold this key to move objects fast Left Alt - Hold this key to move objects slow Left Shift + Left Alt - Hold both keys to move super slow (num lock must be off) City Entity Controls: (These controls can be changed in MTA settings) Arrow up - Move object north Arrow down - Move object south Arrow right - Move object east Arrow left - Move object west Tip: Have your camera facing north so the arrow keys make the object go in the same direction Numpad Del - Tell the server to update + save the object Numpad 9 / 6 - Raise / Lower the object height Numpad 1 / 2 - Rotate on the X axis (not usually needed) Numpad 4 / 5 - Rotate on the Y axis (not usually needed) Mouse Scroll Up / Down - Rotate on the Z axis Admin Access: /zoneadder - Create a city zone/area with an editable price. /deletezone - Delete a city zone that you're stood in. Ability to edit any city zone object (Press 'X' then click on the object) /sellzone - Force sell a city zone that you're stood in. General functions used: Edit door - Ability to edit a city door Edit texture - Ability to edit a city object texture Zone adder - Adding a city zone/area. Custom Objects - More than 160 custom objects. (Total 10mb) LUA files: [CLIENT] entityDoors.lua - /editdoor panel. [CLIENT] entityTextures.lua - /edittex panel. [CLIENT] zones.lua - Zone lines + Zone radio. [CLIENT] CityEditPanel.lua - /addent panel. [CLIENT] zonesManagments.lua - /zoneadder panel. [SERVER] zones.slua - Zone adder + Most commands are here. [SERVER] ZonesControls.slua - Object controls. [SERVER] ZonesCore.slua - Place object + Delete object + Copy object with current texture. [SERVER] ZoneDb.slua - To save city objects + zones created. [SERVER] ZonesFunctions.slua - Most functions are here. [SERVER] ZonesImportDb.slua - Import/Insert table from/to database. [DB] objects.db - All created zone objects are saved here. [DB] zones.db - All created zones are saved here. Price: 35$ 20$ - [G2A.COM] Steam Gift Card 20 USD (Send me the mail you receive containing the code you have recieved to my email) - PM me or reply for more information if you are interested.
  4. Rly niggah?, No one will help me ? , Hard4You
  5. Hi all, the issuse that i can't remove shader from a shaded object. This funcition is working perfect, means 'engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture' is working, but i need it, if 'textureName' that comes to the function named 'DefaultTexture' , it will remove the shader, means back the object with the official shader that it got from TXD. function applyShader ( element, textureName ) -- HERE local shaderElement = dxCreateShader ( "shader/shader.fx" ) if (textureName == "DefaultTexture") then engineRemoveShaderFromWorldTexture ( shaderElement, "*", element ) destroyElement(shaderElement) return end ---------------- local textureElement = dxCreateTexture ( ":CSTmodels/textures/"..textureName..".jpg" ) if ( shaderElement and textureElement ) then dxSetShaderValue ( shaderElement, "Tex0", textureElement ) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shaderElement, "*", element ) end end addEvent("CSTcityzones.applyShader", true) addEventHandler("CSTcityzones.applyShader", root, applyShader)
  6. A!ExXx present: ATM SYSTEM 2.0 Description: Deposit your money - Stock your money - Withdraw your money out - You can get rich by having more than 99,999,999 as it's maximum money on your hands - You can deposit as many money as you want on your ATM. Screenshots: Download Now Beta Ver.2.0 [July 08, 2016] Features: - Clear and simple GUI to let you control your ATM account. - Deposition of cash. - Withdrawal of cash. - ATM PIN security of withdrawals. (You can withdraw money from ATM without PIN if no PIN is set) - Transferring of money to accounts. - ATM locations defined in XML file (ATMlocations.xml). Commands: - '/setpin NEWpin' - Set ATM pin to secure withdrawing/transfering money. - '/setpin NEWpin OLDpin' - Change your current ATM Pin. - '/admingetpin accountName' - (ADMINS) Ability to get current account ATM Pin. Exports: (All are server side) getBankID - Returns ID of the specified ATM. (ID's from: ATMlocations.xml) getBankMarker - Gets ATM marker by ID or name. getBankName - Gets bank's name by ID or marker. getBankMarkers - Returns a table containing all ATM markers. countBanks - Returns number of all current ATMs. setBankAccountBalance - Sets ATM account new balance. getBankAccountBalance - Gets the specified account balance. isPlayerInBank - Checks if player is in a ATM getPlayersInBank - Returns a table containing players who are in specific ATM. getPlayerBank - Gets bank marker in which specified player is standing. withdrawPlayerMoney - Withdraws money from specific player's account. depositPlayerMoney - Deposits specific money to a specified player. Bug reports / Questions / Feedback If you encounter any bugs, glitches, have any suggestions, feature requests, or simply just like to ask a question, please don't hesitate to post them Thanks!
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    HAHA, tooo simple and working ^^ , thanks
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    function testBinds() setPedWeaponSlot ( localPlayer, 2 ) setPedWeaponSlot ( localPlayer, 3 ) end bindKey("1", "down", testBinds) I need it when i click bind 1, the first time it will switch to slot:2 and when i click again on bind 1, it will switch to slot: 3 Please help me
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  10. I didn't understand.. how to define it ?
  11. All i need is: - If object created out of ColShape, then destroy it But it's not working.. -- FirstFile.slua (server side) local SmallTest = createColRectangle(1982, -2574, 60, 60 ) function isObjectWithinCityZone(object) if (not (getElementType(object) == "object")) then return false end if (isElementWithinColShape(object, SmallTest)) then return true end return false end -- SecondFile.slua (server side) function CSTmapEditorMouseClick(button, state, el, wX, wY, wZ) local object = createObject(model, wX, wY, wZ) if (not (isObjectWithinCityZone(object))) then destroyElement(object) end end Notice: it should be 2 files.
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    Help Please!

    Not working ScreenShot: Debugscript:
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    Help Please!

    Are you serious ? Help please.. Also ignore useless posts
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    Help Please!

    Hey all. I have a problem on this code: function downloadPlayerAlternateSkin (p, _) local filename = exports.CSTmysql:query("SELECT * FROM Skins") for i=1, #filename do local theskinId = filename[i].skinid outputDebugString("filename[i] = ".. tostring(filename[i])) if theskinId then fetchRemote("http://localhost/shadersqsdqs/"..theskinId..".jpg", checkPlayerAlternateSkinONLOGIN) end end end addCommandHandler("addskin", downloadPlayerAlternateSkin) Console: INFO: filename = table: 0xa9a3b40 Also it makes server lag (NETWORK TROUBLE) for 1min everytime i use that command '/addskin'. Maybe there is something wrong on my function.. please help me
  15. Same reason.. Code: function downloadPlayerAlternatexx(p, _) local filename = exports.DENmysql:query("SELECT * FROM skinsShaders") for i=1, #filename do local theskinId = filename[i].shaderid outputDebugString("filename[i] = ".. tostring(filename[i])) if theskinId then fetchRemote("http://localhost/shadersqsdqs/"..theskinId..".jpg", checkPlayerAlternateSkin) end end end addCommandHandler("additsx", downloadPlayerAlternatexx)