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  1. Thanks very much. When the player receives damage wait 5 seconds to pickup health / armor how i put it ? if (getPickupType(pickup) == 1) then -- If it's an armour pickup cancelEvent() -- Cancel the event outputChatBox("Wait 5 seconds for pickups.", source, 255, 0, 0)
  2. bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
  3. Thanks bro, but i have another error. Code:
  4. Okay, but it's spamming the messages: outputChatBox ( "Aguarde ".. (CommandSpam [ source ] and math.floor ( getTimerDetails ( CommandSpam [ source ] ) / 1000 ) or 5 ) .." segundos para se teleportar novamente!", source) and outputuhatBox ( "it is not possibl e to teleport in c omb at" , source , 255 , 0 , 0 , true ) ... on all kinds of commands I type, not just teleports.
  5. How to put "it is not possible to teleport in combat" while the player tries to teleport?
  6. Code: teleportes = { {"condominio", 2212.9479980469, 218.67300415039, 492.70068359375,"Foi para o Condominio"}, {"rampa4",-681.61298, -331.70407, 1065.12817,"Foi para a Rampa #4"}, {"rampa5",1580.10986, 1016.11517, 1336.80627,"Foi para a Rampa #5"}, {"batebate",-1416.758666992, 988.67651367188, 1024.0202636719,"Foi para a Pista de Bate-Bate"}, {"rally",-1435.75, -652.66406, 1054.9375,"Foi para a Pista de Rally"}, {"barco",-2303.12183, 1557.78577, 1.56776,"Foi para o Barco"}, {"racha",-4065.4763184594, -854.5, 454.79611206055,"Foi para a Pista de Racha"}, } --- your code local timeEffect = 10000 addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", root, function() if ( getElementData( source, "antiEscape" ) == false ) then setElementData( source, "antiEscape", true ) setTimer( setElementData, timeEffect, 1, source, "antiEscape", false ) end end ) ---- local commandSpam = {} local playertag = getElementData(player,"gang.tag") or "" function pCommandSpam(comando) for k,v in pairs(teleportes) do if getElementDimension(source) == 0 then if getElementInterior(source) == 0 then if ( getElementData( source, "antiEscape" ) == false ) then -- here if comando == v[1] then if (not commandSpam[source]) then local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(source) setElementPosition ( source, v[2], v[3], v[4] ) if (veh) then setElementPosition ( veh, v[2], v[3], v[4] ) end if(v[5])then exports["killmessages2"]:outputMessage ( "#ffffff" ..playertag.. "".. getPlayerName(source) .."#ffffff(ID:" .. (getPlayerID(source) or "???") .. ")#AC0000 Foi Para "..v[5].." #ffffff(/" ..v[1].. ") ", root, 0, 255, 0, true ) outputChatBox( "#AC0000[TELE] #ffffff" ..playertag.. "".. getPlayerName(source) .."(ID:" .. (getPlayerID(source) or "???") .. ")#c4c4c4 você foi para /" ..v[1].. "", source, 0, 255, 0, true ) else outputChatBox("You can't escape !" ) -- here end end commandSpam[source] = 1 elseif (commandSpam[source] == 1) then cancelEvent() outputChatBox ( "Aguarde 5 segundos para se teleportar novamente!", source) else commandSpam[source] = commandSpam[source] + 1 end break end end end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerCommand", root, pCommandSpam) setTimer(function() commandSpam = {} end, 5000, 0) --- ignore function getPlayerFromID(id) return call(getResourceFromName("game_id2"), "getPlayerFromID", tonumber(id)) end function getPlayerID(player) return getElementData(player,"id") end Error:
  7. Hello, I am trying to create a script where the player can not use a certain command when it receives damage. For example: "It is not possible to teleport in combat!" If a player receives damage, it is necessary to wait 10 seconds to be able to use life pickups and teleport. Thanks;
  8. Yes i tried to make in client side and server side but dont work, how?
  9. I can not make a DxText that displays the player's account name in screen My code (CLIENT SIDE) CHECK LINE 109 I wanted it to work this way: no one debugscript error example image
  10. It is how to create several DrawRectangle when changing skin.
  11. '~DaLesTe^'

    DxDraw Lag

    When a player change the skin several times this script causes lag. Could you tell me what causes this?
  12. I own a script that allows C-BUG of the Desert Eagle in my server, but this c-bug does not have a "Slide" like the C-BUG in SA: MP that allows the player to go from one side to the other shooting. It is possible to do this in the MTA trough some script?
  13. já existe um servidor com esse nome. terá 24hs para você muda esse nome. ou irei denuncialo para os administradores do mta e consequentemente terá o ip do servidor bloqueado. alias , se existe algum com este nome é fake.
  14. Ja existe ? Pelo que eu saiba fundei este servidor a alguns anos atraz