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  1. Make sure you have a default .exe (even if you have the australian version, trust me) and set the version number correctly. 1.0 if you have not installed any patches, 1.1 if you have. That's what I was doing wrong when I was getting those errors, and that's how I fixed it.
  2. That was the fix for 0.3, but it seems that 0.4 can work with a default censored exe! More to the point, it doesnt work with no-cd cracks, which is what I used by default after my expiriences with 0.3... So thanks for the help anyway, got it working fine now Oh, and both GTA3 and Vice were censored, but the only thing that was taken out (except for the later censoring of the haitian stuff) was the prostitutes. They were still there, but they acted as normal peds. I'm pretty sure, anyway; they didn't take out any missions, did they?
  3. So, GTA3 MTA (which, for the record, pwns Vice City) works perfectly and I've had fun with it. However, due to lack of Aussie servers, I eventually tried VC MTA. It is a completely fresh install of both VC and MTA 0.4 and I have uninstalled 0.3 MTA. Despite this, it gets within 1cm of the end of the loading bar (after clicking "Start Multi Theft Auto" on the main menu) and the entire computer dies. I get a unhandled exception error, and I can only get out of it by restarting my computer... all read-only attributes are cleared, it is unmodded (thus, no no-crc, no screwed up main.scm) etc and I can not find anything that would cause the problem. Any help? I browsed through and couldn't find anyone else at all who had the same problem.
  4. First, I know this is a kinda old topic but it needs a bump. 'Cause in MTA 0.3 I could get it to work fine, using the fixes posted here. However, with the new MTA 0.4, it can never find the mta_dll.dll. I've tried all the fixes posted, resetting the game path, changing the mta.ini file - everything. GTA3 MTA works fine though EDIT: Nevermind, fresh install of both VC and MTA and everything worked fine. Almost everything. Now it crashes when it's one cm from the end of the load bar, and the entire system dies! I had to reboot.
  5. STOP IT WITH THE CAPS ALREADY! (Yes, I know the irony of what I just said...) Anyway, I think that it's fine without a damage meter (as stone-rhino said, the smoke [or how much your car's dented up] is a fairly decent indication). I'd rather see a speed-o-meter - after all, whats the point of doing 147km/hr if you don't have the numbers to prove it?
  6. Aye, that would pretty cool. Vrock tag, here I come I guess that mods could kick anyone using porn tags...?
  7. Mmmm, that did seem a bit suspicious to me, but I'm such a nice [gullible] guy, I decided to help out anyway.
  8. Uh huh... I see... what error does MTA come up with when you try to launch into a game? Or doesn't it let you try, because you can't locate the exe? Keep in mind that MTA doesn't work on some foriegn versions (such as Aussie), so if it says "Failure detecting version of Vice City" or something similar, that could very well be the problem.
  9. Well, I made an active desktop, but my upload places refused to host it... so you don't get to see it Seriously, I don't use that though... I couldn't really be bothered, and I can instinctivly get to places faster with the usual windows setup. Right now I just have the awesome San Angeles background: http://www.sanangeles.net/sa_promo_millers.jpg
  10. I wasn't really looking at stunt vids, I just wanna pull of some cool tricks, and have fun while I'm at it
  11. Dude, I wish my school was that... well... cool. They'd be like "Oh no! This'll teach them to be a phycotic murderer when they're older!" Bleh, our admin is a dragon anyway (AND doesn't know how to run a system - several times we've been denied access to word during our IT classes )
  12. Over your schools network!? What, you just waltz in there and throw Vice City into the drive and they have no problem with it? I take pride in my skill in being able to post a somewhat wholesome reply that doesn't even come close to answering the question.
  13. You click "connect"? I don't think that that's hosting mate, that's connecting to another game. As for the IP address, that's meant to be the name of the server that you're connecting to (the person who's running the game), not your own. Use All Seeing Eye to get that. Use the server exe to host your own game.... *Hope that I haven't misunderstood you and made an ass of myself*
  14. The FnF mod website doesn't work for me, it never has... so infuriating! Mods are for people who might want to improve areas of VC, or they're just bored with the current cars and maps. Not to say that R* didn't do a kickass job!
  15. I love the mod manager, but does anyone know if there's going to be a second one released? Preferably with the fuction to not only replace cars, but to add them as well, cause that would rule! (By the way, you CAN add cars, but you have to do a heap of stuff, mess around with all these files, and in the end it didn't even work... in other words, it's too much effort for someone as lazy as me)
  16. The crappiest thing on Vice City is how if you turn upside down on a motorbike, you're character will automatically bail off - thus meaning that one cannot do flips in it... Could anyone make a mod (or tell me how) to change this? I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard.
  17. Thanks IMVision, I'll keep that bookmarked, but in the meantime I figured it would just be easier (and a whole lot cooler looking) to use that Harrier Jumpjet model someone made up... The only problem is that I'm not sure that you can make a plane that can land and take off on land... every time I try to change the vehicles handling (I'm using the Hunter at the moment) to being a plane it either bounces around (300 meters into the air, yup) or crashes. Ummm... help?
  18. Hey all, As an Aussie gamer, I've missed out on the previous releases of MTA. Needless to say, when I spotted the MTA .AU patch, I was... bloody excited. Yet when I get to the main menu, it crashes with an unhandled exception error. I'm using a clean install an everything, so don't tell me to go and do something in the readme. I've read it! None of the things work! *Sigh* And I thought I would be playing MTA now...
  19. Aye, once again the poor old Aussies left in the dark. We can only hope that future releases of MTA work with the Aussie version of Vice City.
  20. About a million different idiots How about instead of a sniper class, have an "assasin" class? The starting weapon(s) and such would be pretty much the same , I just reckon assasin sounds better... but thats just me
  21. How about it actually working with the Aussie version of Vice City
  22. Looks great Would you be converting it for Vice City when your done?
  23. Yeah, that's awesome! As for tanks being too powerful, maybe they would be on a timer, or even better, once the person inside died (by being shot through the slit in the front) the tank caught on fire? And yes,once MTA gets advanced enough to start running different styles of play etc, people could choose whether they wanted to play this or not. After all, all-out war isn't for everyone
  24. Not going to dignify that with an answer... (Yes, I know the irony of pointing out that I'm not going to answer something with an answer, so don't bother pointing that out.)
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