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  1. One more thing this is what says in NAT settings and on DMZ settings i am gonna do what you said to the DMZ once I jump on ma computer [i gotta follow home rules as I am 14 <~<]
  2. I am sorry for the late reply .. I lost my internet connection and had to renew it .. Thanks for the notification you gave via email as for the fix gonna try it as soon as I get onto my computer NAT settings does not have PF table gonna try that DMZ Settings .. sorry bro .. I abandoned you guys when you were trying to help me .. Thanks for not losing hope
  3. They allow server hosting .. btw I have a VPN but the VPN is not on .. should I anyway delete it ? thanks for the quick responses <3 i have another router should I try on that ? they are not same model anyway this screenshot shows how my firewall is disabled
  4. Can anyone please gimme a music player or something like i write /play [mp3.link] it will play and if i write play again it will stop I just want a player which allows me to play my songs thanks in advnace it should be heard by everyone and only admins can play it dont gimme a script or something i am very new .. gimme a zip file like how we get in the community sorry for demanding so much
  5. http://imgur.com/a/BWsC2 That As soon as i enter thats written i have to edit it and write @ccw
  6. Thats what i did in the screenshot .. now what ? @ccw
  7. http://imgur.com/a/LHwKa Did i enter correct information tho ?
  8. Hey Guys whats up .. This is my second post any how straight to the topic I REALLY NEED HELP for the past 1 month i have been trying to port forward my server And everytime i try it just says ports still closed Before you guys gimme the basic trouble shooting techniques lemme tell you what i did -Changed IP to Static -Port forwarded by seeing guides from trustworthy portforwarding webistes -Shut off firewall and router firewall Anyway so now with the screenshots so that you guys can get a detailed overview http://imgur.com/a/XTuz0
  9. God bless you bro after 2 years it worked man you rock like hell best in da world
  10. Sorry for asking so many times BUt can you give me a video link to this thing sorry again
  11. How do i do that buddy ? (sorry i am new to this port forwarding and stuff )
  12. Hello Mta people good evening . I have been playing mta for a long time and i had installed some batman mod which made my computer crash and i had to Take my computer to engineer . He said he had to format my computer . After that When i Downloaded it again i went to server browser and then after some time it was writted at down 0 Server Found Backup Server List What should i do please help i need all the help i can get thanks i live in kuwait From Dustymetro To-The Mta Team And Members
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