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  1. bandwidth tracking how do I track how much my MTA is using on my linux box?
  2. my main point is Cops and Peds can be easily done the only hard part is the AI but it can be coded within 2-8 days. If cars can be placed ingame then Cops and Peds can too As for accoutn registraion no soruce code is needed for this becuase all you technically need is a SQL server + Login/account server + add a login feature to MTA client persoanlly out of allt he features i think account system si a must for 2 reasons 1. so names are not faked 2. when ur connection goes out or u crash (thinking of 56kers here) and you were in a chopper then its shit that you loose it.
  3. I am sorry you feel that way but if you try hard anything can be accomplish. I am very eager to do many things and fast. I have rans huges sites since I was 11 with huge amount of users bases. I am turning 15 next week and I already make loads of cash online for web scrpting and dseign. I also take on projects like Myth of Pandora (my team and I are creating and MMORPG) I run a huge site http://www.mmorpg-net.com with many game servers which I have to monitor and manage while also going to school. I am very abnormal becuase I work hard on many things at once. I know many people would th
  4. grr hate slow communiction but ohwell
  5. Lol making them left out fastens the conversion to boradband Broadband cost as much as 56k used to now so if they could afford it before they should be able too now
  6. IRC doesnt want to let me on =( any other way of contact?
  7. the amount of 56kers decreases daily soon enough there will be barely any 56kers you guys should just make it so u can disable and enable features. I would love to help on the team I would be happy to code a web panel to control the server for newbies. So all u do is put MTA somewhere on your box then upload the web to ur apache or http and then config everything and run it through HTTP and manage it fully.
  8. you must understand that we dont' have the finesse control over the game that one does when they are developing agame... we can't have great bandwith improvements because we can't control the cars/peds etc. very directly... well you guys should develope it for lan perposes or people who have unmetered connections. So people can disable features like that and a NPC/Car file where people choose to spawn cars. Coords around the GTA world would be nice too. I personally know many people with 10mbps-100mbps connections at home and they aer unmetered. I host a gaem server off one of my friends c
  9. would be easier if i was pmed an AIM or MSN sn
  10. The bandwith usage is too great, and there are other constraints. (ie: only a certain number of peds can be kept track of at a time... so it'd be like 50 peds on 2 islands.) this is not very true an MMORPG uses 3kbps a sec while CS and GTA seem to use 10kbps? I dont understand how this can be when MMORPGs have more to handle then a FPS, maybe MMORPGs are more well coded.
  11. Oh btw guys I am willing to host releases for you I have 2TB of bandwidth
  12. Well I am damn sure it would be graet to be a MMO Cause without peds and cops itisnt as fun i host 2 mmorpg servers both a pretty huge and I am sure people would love to people GTA with mmo why is it not going to have ped and cops? You guys dont want to or you can code an AI cause my friend has done it on a mmorpg me and him are developing so we can help if you want.
  13. Account Registration and Database So it saves your car and your location a long with all your gold and gear so you can relog without having to start over. It also saved your total kills and deaths etc... Padestrians and Drivers This is a serious issue becuase it is boring when you can not jack a car from and NPC or beat anything but an normal players. It also sucks without cops! Online Quests This data will also be stored in database. You can do all offline quests that GTA normally but do them with friends also a feature to let the host create his own quests! Shop & Storage It would
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