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  1. Hello, few days ago I bought a Linux VPS with these characters: RAM: 512 MB BURSTRAM (vSwap): 512 MB @Intel i7 / Xeon E5: 1 vCore Hardware Raid 10 HDD Storage: 10GB Uplink (Shared): 1000 Mbit/s You can install Debian, Centos, Fedora or Ubuntu, My question is whether this VPS is able to mount a server for MTA: SA, and what would be the method to mount? CAUTION: Do not mind giving access to the server, still the case that you help me create my server. Best regards, fernando.ocxs
  2. Hi, I'm looking for several days a reputable company that sells hosting MTA:SA and accept payment Paysafecard. Do you know any? It would be a great help if you help me Best regards, fernando.ocxs
  3. Hola, busco un hosting recomendado que acepte Paysafecard o Ukash? Preferiblemente Ukash