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  1. Alright, thanks anyway. I'll reply if I find a solution
  2. It's the output from docker, I'm not sure if it's generated by MTA itself or somewhere else but the path is misspelled somewhere and I have no idea where. I searched all the paths I can set myself and none of them are misspelled. Can users even override that path? Should be mentioned that there's no spelling errors in the filesystem and the server does start if I run as root.
  3. I'm getting this exact error when trying to launch a freshly installed v1.5.5-release-11705 64-bit Linux server in docker (Debian 9) "(Daemon) error while processing mods/deatchmatch/mtaserver.conf" (note the c in deatchmatch) Installed version: MTA:SA Server v1.5.5-release-11705 For some reason the server starts when running as root, all permissions are correct but this error keeps showing up. No logs or debug output. Any ideas?
  4. Well this ain't something anyone could just "give away" to you... Not because they're evil or so, it's just that Paypal (or any other payment processor) requires some configuration from your side as well even if you did have the script. Anyway, this is relatively simple to implement. Here's what you need: A html page with instructions for your players and the paypal button A Paypal IPN script (written in PHP), just google it, there's a lot of good examples MTA PHP SDK, this is used to let your IPN script send the payment details to your MTA server I'm only familiar with the theory, I haven't written anything like this myself so this is as far as I can help you, maybe you could find someone who've implemented something like this and ask them for help?
  5. Quack quack, as far as I understand it's based on these scripts so you can be sure all those crazy stuff does exist. Shamont's work apparently became an inspiration for stuff like this too, at least if you can believe the comments in that video: So to summarize, it's a great server that definitely deserves more players. Good luck!
  6. I think that could work but it could also eventually be laggy and affect the sync with other players, which is a problem. Mass does affect vehicle deceleration indeed, but it would also affect the weight obviously with many other negative side effects. The goal here is to make the handling feel more realistic and mass doesn't seem to accomplish that. Any other ideas?
  7. Alright so I'm tired of how fast the vehicles are dropping in speed as soon you release the gas pedal, is there any handling option I can set that directly affects how fast or slow the deceleration will be. Or can it be done in other ways like comparing the speed in onClientRender with the previous stored speed and then set the speed a little higher than it's supposed to be if no buttons are pressed? any ideas?
  8. Can't see any ads in your forum, how are you gonna pay for keeping this up or to keep people available for 24x7 support?
  9. @Adolf_T Managed means managed so everything must be included obviously, but with some more knowledge than the average I'm actually also interested to learn more about where this service is hosted. If someone needs a managed service they may not be smart enough to look that up so how could people know for sure that Callum is using a legit server and not just some old :~ in his bedroom. Fun fact is that you never see serious companies describing themselves using sentences like "100% legit" or "not just a teenager selling VPS` from their bedroom". In any case good luck, managed services are great for newbies and the price seems fair.
  10. Why not link to the site directly? if someone is too dumb to understand how to order a server without watching a video first they shouldn't order a server at all to save the internet from a lot of pain and suffer caused by lack of security and eventual bot nets they may be involved with.
  11. Sounds like a pretty bad host to me if they just notify you about you're being DDoSed when they could at least offer you some kind of DDoS protection even tho you may need to pay more for that.
  12. Thank you for clearing that out, wish you best luck with your business
  13. @raysmta I'm not hating, I'm discussing a few legitimate questions about the business which I believe is up to Mr Puget to answer. All I'm saying to you is that of course you'll have a good experience with this host as you're probably alone right now on this big dedicated server which you assumingly pay $6/month for. I suppose Mr. Puget has to pay between $200-$250/month to keep all this up and running, am I right? you do the math rays. All I'm saying is that one day this either get very laggy or Mr Puget will have to shut his service down due to lack of funds (no offense).
  14. Why are you paying them $6/month for 200 slots when you can get a VPS for just $5/month with 4000 slots and possibly better performance? of course it works well for now if you're almost alone on a big dedicated server but what about the future? will they find enough customers to make profit and if they do how many customers will be sharing this one dedicated server and how laggy would that be? or will they die like other companies with pretty much the same concept (same design on the website, whmcs with default settings, etc etc). Who's behind this "company" is it even registered? why does DDoS and backup only work in a percent of the cases and not always, are those services randomly shut down or what? So are you 2 or are you 3? a serious company usually knows how many employees they have. Anyway, good luck
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