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  1. Even though ASE says there are players this is all I see...
  2. LOL. I'm not used to being a noob, because I usually am one of the veterans on forums, but oh well. *Pokes self* P.S I Still need help...
  3. Damn, I see green dots but they don't move...
  4. LOL. Every file I download there is no MTA.exe with an 8-Ball icon. Lemme try again.
  5. Nevermind, it's the sert up. But anyways, which file in ASE do I put in View- Games - MTA?
  6. Err, where is this file?
  7. No, I got MTA: GTA3. Can someone please explain to me how to start this? With snapshots to help veryone who doesn't now? Please?
  8. Err, where exactly does it say "send server request?"
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