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    passenger key

    You can use the letter 'V' to enter a car as a passenger.
  2. Just after reading this i got the same thing, seems as tho the Admins are banning people who post on this forum that they use a No-CD crack.
  3. Cheaters, Don't get me started! I must admit i have been accusing people of cheating becasue I couldn't kill them. I found this to be my falt on some accasions. Now there was this Guy called Vash, he followed me all the way around vice untill we got to the beach. All of a sudden i slammed on the breaks and he kept going, to my ammasement he was driving on water!! I told everyone and they had said he had been 'too' hard to kill and someone told me later he had some wepons that wern't even in 0.1. I confronted him but he had a friendon the server and it turned into a flame war. I caught him c
  4. Like I said before it's proberly overworked servers, I've actualy seen my first 32 manned server today. I feal honerd.
  5. RMT

    moded game?

    I'm currently useing the No-cd crack becasue running the game off of disk makes my sound go fuzzy, textures wont load and frame rates drop. If they introduce this No-CD crack policy it means I'm going to have to play Vice the hard way .
  6. Well i got the No-Cd patch to work, I set up my own private server with a friend and currently no crashes after 20 mins. Great work Guys!!
  7. Well it doesn't suck its proberly something you're doing, calm down and read the manual through and have another go. I'm trying to solve the problem of my game crashing and getting the No-Cd crack to work, see the thing is when I run from my disk the framerates drop, The music goes all fuzzy and someof the textures take ages to load.
  8. Mine crashes every 10mins or so, i think its due to over worked servers.
  9. http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?ordner_id=4 ITS OUT!!!!
  10. http://www.mtavc.com Look under the third news post. Danm I thought it ment the 24th, I feal such an arse rite now .
  11. Seems I have , I'll have a search around for the official word from higher authority. Thanks
  12. I thought it was expected to be released on the 24th? this Wednesday, or have I missed something?
  13. Well its refrence for others, I would like to know this also.
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