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  1. nice and thanks! could you post the features list maybe?
  2. the new custom animation looks lit!! gj mta team! and there is localization for indonesian, nice
  3. I need acl.xml and mtaserver.conf to make this works
  4. how to destroy a window? destroyElement seems not working for me
  5. exports.GTIclothes:selectSkinFromStore(player) where is GTIclothes resource? thanks for the resource btw. still try to fix some problems to make the gm works!
  6. i got this error on create a dgsDxCreateWindow [2018-04-19 14:14:34] ERROR: dgs\Core\window.lua:32: attempt to index field 'closeButtonColor' (a nil value)
  7. Reporting version 3.321, my dgs edit not rendering got this error ERROR: dgs\client.lua:539: attempt to index local 'eleData' (a nil value) [DUP x72]
  8. anchor

    [REL] Easy Logger

    This is great. i'll leave mark here
  9. Hello, i got this error after update to the latest version did the function removed?
  10. i have lag issue after creating some dgs objects this issue occured after last update, idk if there is something wrong with my script idk how to debug it aswell
  11. i think onClientDgsDxComboBoxSelect 2nd params is not working properly now, it doesnt return selected item. i got this bug after update the latest dgs local qiw = DGS:dgsDxCreateComboBox(0.1, 0.3, 0.20, 0.04, true) DGS:dgsDxComboBoxAddItem( qiw, "1" ) DGS:dgsDxComboBoxAddItem( qiw, "2" ) DGS:dgsDxComboBoxAddItem( qiw, "3" ) addEventHandler( "onClientDgsDxComboBoxSelect", qiw, function ( prev, current ) outputChatBox( current ) end )
  12. i wonder how to create a grid like the calendar in the preview, it's really hard to set the position of the date
  13. Hello, How do you make the grid stacked on top each other? I try to make it, but it's really pain because it's not like bootstrap/html I have been make it, but its hard to implement it into my another scripts So, i just wonder how is your code or at least give me a logic how to make it. I'm sorry if it's OOT, and i hope you understand my english.
  14. ah yes, it's work faster, thanks! dgsDxGUISetProperty(editBox,"masked",true)
  15. update: i use this https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Filepath to get the function working.. and another question is, the color code, i dont know what color code did dsg use?
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