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  1. Wow i feel stupid...well atleast ii found it
  2. Ok I looked all over the site http://mtavc.com and I couldnt find the download so I can play MTA. It says that MTAVC 0.3r2 is a patch and not the real thing. Well where do I download the full version? I downloaded MTAVC 0.3r2 from http://codenamegtavice.co.uk. Where can I get MTAVC 0.3 FULL not patch?
  3. damn... doesnt anybody want to play? how do i join a server? i only know how to start one
  4. u wanna play right now... IP: Port: 2003 or when ever ur ready
  5. awsome...so when do u wanna play? i get home at 3:10 and i get on the comp when i get home so when ever u wann play is fine with me...and i could host if u want me to... i figured it out...aperently i wasnt using the right ip add MiraclelyAlive to ur buddy list or we can use a MTA server
  6. hey i live in California...where do u live so i know what ur time is?
  7. dude i'll play you...what type of connection do u use? i still need to know Posty
  8. ahhhhh!!!!!! do u wanna play...i know how to set it up
  9. I dont know how to use the ASE...doesnt make any sense
  10. isnt what this site is for? jeeez... well i guess im gonna have to uninstall MTA and delete it if i cant pleay it with anybody...
  11. im not sure where to put this but does anyone want to play that can also show me how to set it up...ive been dieing to play sumone but i cant figure the dang thing out...oh well... but if anyone wants to play me then PM me or posting it would be better...thanx
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