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  1. You need a fuel-system.
  2. Yepp. Works. Thanks a lot But now. I need to draw this with dxDrawText and row. Like this: How can i make it? BTW. Can i made this script in server side?
  3. Oookay. It's still working. But i got some problem. Please help me. Code: function asd (message,level,file,line) if exports.StarMTA_core:Fejleszto(localPlayer) and level == 1 then outputChatBox("#7CC576[StarMTA-Debugscript]: #FF3333ERROR:#FFFFFF"..message.." (#FFA500"..line.."#FFFFFF)",255,255,255,true) end end addEventHandler ("onClientDebugMessage",getRootElement(),asd) Debugscript: ERROR:StarMTA_debugscript\client.lua:3 attempt to concatenate local 'line' (nil value)
  4. This script is client sided.
  5. I translate it i f exports.core:isPlayerDeveloper() then
  6. I try this but it's dont working. What's the prob? addEventHandler ("onClientDebugMessage",getRootElement(), function(message,level,file,line) if exports.StarMTA_core:Fejleszto(thePlayer) then outputChatBox (message) end end) I just type for outputChatBox because i want to test first.
  7. http://kepfeltoltes.hu/161015/461313452N_vtelen_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.png I mean this.
  8. Thank you very much my friends!
  9. Okay. It's looks hard How can i get the errors from scripts?
  10. Yeah. And can i color this with HEX Codes?
  11. How? With outputDebugString?
  12. Hello guys. Can I change the debugscript colors? It's just an idea. I see in video and i see the debugscript is create with dxDrawText. How can i do it?
  13. the gui editor give you a local strings. Paste this too.
  14. Zsoltisz


    Hello guys I got error in this script. please help me. ERROR:names/nametags.lua:75:attempt to perform arithmetic on local "sy" (a nil value) local myfont = "" local nametags = { } local nevekbe = false -- settings local _max_distance = 300 local _adminszoli_tavolsag = 20 local _adminszoli_textsize = 1.3 local _min_distance = 7.5 local _alpha_distance = 20 local _nametag_alpha = 170 local _bar_alpha = 300 local _scale = 0.2 local _nametag_textsize = 1.5 local _chatbubble_size = 15 local _bar_width = 40 local _bar_height = 6 local _bar_border = 1.2 local _, screenY = guiGetScree
  15. Zsoltisz

    Admin logo

    Working perfectly! I love you :* Thank you very much.
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