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  1. 13.01.2021 Added our new Palomino wooden bridge mod:
  2. Hi, I'll showcase in this post the custom maps & 3D models that are available on the San Andreas Roleplay server (you can find the link for + info in my signature). 1. New roads near Angel Pine Remodelled the mountain terrain near the Angel Pine junkyard adding a paved road and a dirt road next to it. Seamless textures. Fits the game's atmosphere. Perfect collisions. BEFORE: AFTER: 2. New Palomino wooden bridge Remodelled the Palomino terrain that includes: - a wooden bridge that has flawless collisions and perfect textur
  3. Good job! Will be editing and using this!
  4. truly a special year for all of us! glad to be a creator for this beautiful platform that is MTA
  5. Waffle Roleplay is no more There's now San Andreas Roleplay and we allow all sorts of RP. Although it's not a warzone, military and militia-like roleplay is welcomed.
  6. San Andreas Roleplay Launched: December 1, 2020 History San Andreas Roleplay is a community founded by @FernandoMTA in early 2020 and @Portside who became co-founder in August of this year, which is now also being led by @SherryMTAand @TheNeonGuy! A big shoutout to these guys for the excellent community leadership they've been doing and for all the work they've put into the project. My idea and project of making a server shaped by the MTA Roleplay community started back in 2017 with what some may know as Neptune Gaming. The goal was to create a server where
  7. I believe that what you are suggesting is still not yet a feature. You should read more about this on MTA's GitHub, for example by searching here: Issues · multitheftauto/mtasa-blue (github.com) This here is very interesting in particular: Add efficient modding interface for new model ID's · Issue #1792 · multitheftauto/mtasa-blue (github.com)
  8. never in my life had i seen such a website
  9. There should be a symbolic payment of like $1 to join the queue or something.
  10. Yes, you can put plenty of different models in one .dff and then swap between them using variants
  11. The gamemode is pretty unfinished. You'd need to work on it for several months before calling it ready to launch an RP server with. Good luck to whoever wants that challenge.
  12. I find this very pretty and nostalgic! I'll share it. Thanks.
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