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  1. never in my life had i seen such a website
  2. There should be a symbolic payment of like $1 to join the queue or something.
  3. Yes, you can put plenty of different models in one .dff and then swap between them using variants
  4. The gamemode is pretty unfinished. You'd need to work on it for several months before calling it ready to launch an RP server with. Good luck to whoever wants that challenge.
  5. Thank you very much! It actually works
  6. I find this very pretty and nostalgic! I'll share it. Thanks.
  7. Ah, finally. The MTA roleplay legacy lives on. I hope people realize this server is actually worth a shot.
  8. Would be good to have an up to date and up to today's standards voice resource and functions.
  9. many people now have VCRP gamemode, no point in buying it anymore
  10. Why would you want to search with Russian characters? The objects are named in English as stated above
  11. Quality VPS for affordable prices; might be the best for you: https://my.zadeservers.net/cart.php?gid=10 @Mike269 @SagnikS
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