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  1. I have decided to move my little server to a better Linux host. I wanted to know if it was possible, if it was, do I have to just download the entire MTA:SA directory and upload it to the new server? Plus, one more thing, I have a x64 server now. Is is possible, when I move to a new host, to go back to the normal (x32) bit version of MTA:SA server for Linux? If it is, what files do not need to be copied. I'd like to have all the stuff... accounts... data, when I migrate. Thank you for reading.
  2. They call me RoxlZ, I'm a rising scripter and a full time web-developer. I do not live in India but I have some background from India. Please add me to the roster.
  3. I started the server with 1024 max players, after something, suspiciously it became 6! No more players are able to join when it reaches 6/6! I've tried restarting the VPS and the MTA server, same thing!
  4. Also, https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/In ... _GNU_Linux has got wrong names and file urls, they aren't working. Please check them... There is no ./mta-server in multitheftauto_linux-1.5.0 folder
  5. Thank you for your reply! One more thing, are there any new files in 1.5 that I should not over-right or touch? What all can I transfer? DB files(registry.db and internal.db), resources, acl and config?
  6. Hello people, I wanted to get knowledge on one thing that was bothering me. How can I shift from 1.4 Linux(Ubuntu) server to MTA 1.5(Ubuntu) server? I've got many resources working on 1.4, so how can I shift? I mean... install 1.5 and move internal/registry.db with resources there? Please help me.
  7. Hello people, I've got a Ubuntu 15 VPS and my VPS doesn't seem to recognizing ./mta-server. Here is the screen of it: Can anyone please help me?
  8. Hello Xenius, I just love your mod and i'll try to support you, I've got some questions. 1) How can we add handlings to the vehicles? 2) How can we load skins? 3) How can we load map files of MTA:SA?
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