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  1. do you know how this works it says to add their line into their meta everytime i do it errors our the resource and wont start do you know how to properly run it i had one successfuly join where it loaded in game but not since im confused o.o https://prnt.sc/txw5ip guess this answered my question but weird bc i loaded in the game and was able to move and files were downloading ... wut
  2. hello all, i am looking for a resource or script where players can jump right into the gamemode and start downloading files so they can immeditally talk in game and not have to wait for long download times
  3. im looking for a scripter than can help me with asimple project, i have a backup script for dayz but i have to type in the cmd manually after it starts to get the backup going and the cars to load could you edit the script and on resource start run the commands .. so it loads the cars and the auto backup system?
  4. Would love a copy please get at me
  5. im looking to buy either a finished DayZ gamemode with all features, and/or a roleplay script finished with all jobs features etc etc. let me see your gamemodes screenshots and what not and we can talk prices please my discord is Love's OMEN#8864
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