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  1. I am plum out of revision ideas on this one, guys... any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm adding missile functionality to the Rustler using projectile 19 (non-heatseeking rocket), and limiting the ammo to 4 shots, one per function per onVehicleEnter (I hope, the counter involved and all that are far from my mind at this phase). For some reason, I can't get this damned clientside script to parse no matter what I change. This is what I have so far for beta... function rustlerMissile1 (player) theRustler = getPedOccupiedVehicle (player) if (theRustler) then local x, y, z = getElementPo
  2. Try this replacement out... no promises, I haven't tested it myself... running a little low on time. bankrob = {} function rob (thePlayer, key, keystate) if (key == "x") and (keystate == "down") then outputChatBox (***All Police To The Bank "..getPlayerName ( thePlayer ).. " Is Robbing The Bank*** ", getRootElement(), 255, 0, 0, false) setPlayerWantedLevel ( thePlayer, 4 ) bankrob = setTimer( robb, 100000, 1 ) end end function robb (thePlayer) if (source ~= robmarker) then return else givePlayerMoney ( thePlayer, math.random(50000, 100000) ) setPlayerWantedLevel ( thePlayer, 6 )
  3. I have a server that allows users to modify their handling file (within limits), but 1.0.3 does not allow my users to connect to the server while using their modded files. Is there a setting I can turn off in mtaserver.conf (or elsewhere) to allow these modded files in my OWN server? P.S.: using a modded install and trying to access local map editor also returns this fail.
  4. R3mp, you are a saint. I got it working, even made it expandable. But there's still a few issues in the functionality (e.g., the finish marker can be stolen by anyone in the server who knows where it is, despite it not being visible to them on the radar). Here's the new code: --boat drug function Load ( name ) if name ~= getThisResource() then return else createObject ( 6300, 5003.75, -2586.6298828125, 10.101668357849 ) createObject ( 3620, 4979.0913085938, -2631.3962402344, 31.267587661743 ) createObject ( 3620, 4968.3295898438, -2588.1796875, 31.267587661743, 0, 0, 270.6749
  5. I am experiencing much fail in my latest mission script, where I'm trying to trigger the Point A to Point B with "onVehicleEnter". If any of you have 5 minutes to review this script, I'd appreciate any feedback you may have. --boat drug function Load ( name ) if name ~= getThisResource() then return else createObject ( 6300, 5003.75, -2586.6298828125, 10.101668357849 ) createObject ( 3620, 4979.0913085938, -2631.3962402344, 31.267587661743 ) createObject ( 3620, 4968.3295898438, -2588.1796875, 31.267587661743, 0, 0, 270.67498779297 ) createObject ( 3620, 5018.798828125, -254
  6. Dang, MoP! I thought you were helping me script WCG! We're almost where we need to be, and we welcomed you back with open arms, knowing your busy schedule and working around said. What took your mind off of the project? @MOH: I understand motivation, and the need to be interested in an outcome borne of a clear goal, but financial gain in an open source mod is where I fail to see eye-to-eye. I myself offer a plethora of benefits to anyone who helps me complete a task, albeit not often that I do ask. I remind the viewers of this topic that I am not asking for scripting help here, but simp
  7. Now there's something I can agree with and understand. You're absolutely right; with over 140 servers, the number of scriptors able to handle the job doesn't measure up. And the fact that you all have wiki'd the necessary tools to learn the trade is a huge help in itself. I don't speak for the server owners who are just too lazy to learn, I just speak for me, my community, and the MTA frequenters who just can't understand the logic flow or the language itself. I knew coming in that I'd be doing most of my own work, and with the mod having been built I've no problem with that. And truth be
  8. That's not very nice, fellas... Are you going to sit there and tell me there's not one decent scriptor in the MTA community that is willing to help build a server out of the kindness of his/her own heart? Servers are paying by the month for pro hosting just to defeat the lag issues inherent in MTA already, and as game servers they're not MAKING any money. Not to mention MTA being an open-source and cost-free mod of a single player game that hopefully everyone bought in the first place, how are server owners and/or administrators supposed to afford hiring greedy scriptors who prey on the des
  9. Been a while, Sloth... I apologize for my absence, but work > MTA. I love what you've done with the script, much better team system than my beta revision that eliminated the skin opt altogether, and the non-nightstick arrest methods work better now too. That having been said, allow me to report my findings. First, the arrest functions are incredibly lag sensitive. I can strike a wanted suspect 20 times with a nightstick, but as long as they move around even the slightest bit they can avoid the arrest. Not sure what can be done about that, but it's worth looking into. Second, if a free
  10. The url listed in modshop's help.xml doesn't exist, so I figured to post here in lieu... The only thing I've found in the modshops script that will cause problems is the GUI's wheels section. Selecting a wheel adds to the cart just fine, but if it's the last object selected, when you press exit, it applies mod... takes money... but the GUI remains. Using any method to bring the cursor back and selecting any other group besides wheels, and subsequently pressing exit, clears the GUI... but if you don't, you can leave the modshop and the GUI remains, deducting money every time you press exit.
  11. I didn't have any error messages whatsoever... my team problem came in properly referencing it in other scripts. Slothman was kind enough to help me with tightening up the bad syntax i used, in particular getTeamFromName instead of getTeamName. So now instead of restricting the skin models I don't want certain people in the server to have, I simply reference the server team and let the others wear whatever they want. I'd still like to know how I could restrict the available skins to spawn with for certain groups, but it's not nearly as critical anymore.
  12. In integrating "legalsystem" into the server I'm helping to build (ty Slothman, author), I need a way to restrict the availability of cop skins to certain members of the server. In the mainly freeroam server I'm administering, there are 2 ways to obtain setElementModel; /setskin (or the F1 button of the "freeroam" GUI), or /skin, made possible by the following script: function playerSkin ( player, commandName, id ) setElementModel ( player, id ) end addCommandHandler ("skin", playerSkin ) "legalsystem" works by identifying Officers by skin, not by team. I tried recoding it to identify
  13. Thank you. You've been very helpful in my endeavors so far. I, and the server I represent, will go forward from here with what we have, and wait patiently on the next admin update. You guys, all the modders of the 1.0 team, are doing such an awesome job in epic improvements over the dp, and this thread of questions answered is a token example of your dedication. I could not have done any of this without you. Thanks again.
  14. It turned out that I had 2 instances of "admin" loaded in the resources folder, and for some reason the console reverted to serial ID to verify the member. Losing the updated 2.3 version repaired this, and I am now able to join and manage the local with no problems. Thanks, guys. Now, the "admin" included with 1.0 is having a bit of an issue on my end. I am not running "webadmin", just "admin", but my console is outputting the following errors: [09:37:59] Server started and is ready to accept connections! [09:38:25] CONNECT: bravo351 connected (IP: [09:38:32] JOIN: bravo35
  15. I'm running a betatest local server through console, have added proper permissions to ACL, mtaserver.conf, and accounts, and the server WAS working fine @ But now I try to enter the game after firing up the Console, game loads, and my own console kicks me for "invalid serial". On checking the accounts.xml, my password had been changed to a serial code, so I deleted the string and added my usual login password, and set the autologin to "1". Restarted, and same problem, only this time Console erased my account altogether. What am I doing wrong? And how can I fix this? An
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