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  1. haha! the best yet ... i've had this on repeat for 10 minutes ... largely for the music admittedly but nice flip too ... tongue-in-cheek perhaps Dr_Spain? do do do do-do-do-do-do-do ... naah nah nah nahhhh nana na hehe more please .. oh ... and the name of the music if you will ... deJaya
  2. part of the game ... i say leave it. of course chopper blades kill you. if someone kills u with blades ... go kill him back dejaya
  3. curly .. if you dont mind me saying so ... your sig is ridiculously big ... fortunately for me i have a good connection but some dont .. probably best to keep it reasonable .. but i know you're not the only culprit! cheers deJaya
  4. sh!t .. am i watching a different movie from of u?? in response to curly: stunts 8/10 music 1/10 visibility 1.5/10 ok ... visibility is BAD .. but did he not apologise for that? music ... terrible .. really bad .. sorry Smacktard but the stunts are great ... ! love them ... pretty original and VERY entertaining ! Rate this against other people's First Vids and I reckon it deserves 9/10 well done deJaya
  5. bingo .. makes sense now .. .. big thanks deJaya
  6. in Thargore's guide to screens and vids ... he mentions that the replay length in roughly 12 seconds ... having watched other people's vids - this seems about right ... but in the game I never get more than 6 seconds of replay action which invariably leaves me without a take-off or a landing can anyone shed some light on this? how long do you folks get? thanks in advance .. deJaya
  7. download speed is outstanding! ... 87k is about as good as I'll ever get on this connection .. opinion on vid to follow .... deJaya
  8. Great stuff GTA .. especially the 2nd one ... well worth the wait btw .. your first URL has a space after the IP Address - needs fixed well done again deJaya
  9. hey .. no need to pummel the guy into the ground .. he warned you it's his first vid .. and everyone's gotta start somewhere constructive criticism is far more useful than simply dismissing it altogether .. apart from anything else I think forums such as this should be very careful to make new members feel welcome - sure steer them in the right direction - but go easy all that said ... the music WAS unbearable! but i thought the vid was ok and a decent first effort deJaya
  10. Outstanding stuff!! .. great parking .. a much underrated VC Skill!!!
  11. Hey DJ GTA .. i cant get a hold of those files at all ... tried various methods but it seems that I'm being denied access to the server: Connecting to Connected to, Waiting for Server Response Connection closed by remote host. cheers deJaya
  12. There's a great little program called TMPGEnc Plus 2.521 which can convert wmv [and mpg, avi etc] files to just about anything .. it's free to download and can be found here: http://www.pegasys-inc.com/ A very useful program in a lot of circumstances if you're dealing with videos etc ... it can also create VCDs from your movies. deJaya
  13. 3d Glasses yeah! .. I've got a pair in a box somewhere - not used them for ages cos they give you a sore head after a while ... but I'm definately going to pull them out for a bit of 3D MTA Action! I will report back shortly ... Thanks for the reminder! deJaya
  14. haha! .. i cant stop laughing at that! ... HAHAHAHAHA!
  15. yeah i did try using the packer - but i think the angle it creates is a bit too steep and seems to slow the cars down for the jump ... with a bit of persistance it's possible to get the bulk of the car-types up there - the next trick is to keep them on four wheels when you land!!!
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