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  1. Thought I'd link this which wouldn't particularly affect much for MTA servers (I think) but is still something to think about when looking at what hash algorithm to use, either for MTA or another project. https://security.googleblog.com/2017/02/announcing-first-sha1-collision.html
  2. All good, came up with a solution to the issue. What I did was create a function in the main javascript file that would access the iframe and execute the function through that. This is achieved using: appFrame.contentWindow.functionName(passingObj); (in my case anyway) However I feel this isn't the best way to achieve this since its using an, in my opinion, unnecessary "piggyback". If there is a better method to do this, please let me and everyone else know. Otherwise I would suggest adding a way to do this through an MTA function that would work better. Thanks
  3. That's not working as I'm trying to execute javascript code from an iframe within the browser itself. I can execute javascript code from the parent, but not from an iframe within the html page.
  4. I'm wanting to know if there is a way to execute javascript functions from MTA to an iframe that is being shown in the browser. When I try and execute the function, it says it isn't defined. Thanks.
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    Go to your MTASA installation folder and go to MTA/cgui/images and rename the radar.jpg to radar_old.jpg and save that image in the folder and name it radar.jpg.
  6. All "Unlimited storage" plans for a provider fall under some form of fair use policy. If you go under the Terms of Service, you can see that the company has stated some guidelines for what you can store which is good as some startup companies I've seen don't even have any sort of Privacy Policy or Terms of Service. So no, you wouldn't be able to store 87 TB of data on your game server as it breaches their Terms of Service. If you go under any well known server hosting company, even under those big web hosting companies that state "unlimited storage", you will see that in their Fair Usage Policy or Terms of Service, they will have certain conditions for what you can store under your plan. It is also the same with internet service providers for unlimited data under residential plans. Their are Fair Use Policies that apply and when you abuse your service, you will either get throttled or simply told to cancel your service and to go with another company. FYI, I'm not affiliated with this company in any way, I just thought I'd clarify it for you all. And tbh, the company needs to continue to modify their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to fix grammar mistakes and to add more guidelines as you could still abuse the service. EDIT: Looks like the company has updated their plans to have only 30GB of storage available under each plan. I suggest the OP of the topic updates their post.
  7. Either being able to buy or to have publicly available some information about players of MTA:SA would be a great tool for people who want to create or grow their server. Information such as percentages of players that are from certain countries, use certain languages, average play time, etc. Not sure if this data is available, but I'm sure it would be possible. Knowing this information, server owners could decide what location is best for their server based on the number of players playing from certain countries, or if they plan on adding translations, they can prioritize what languages they should focus on. Being realtime or maybe a weekly, fortnightly or monthly report would be good.
  8. I'd love an alpha key, I love the game Rust and am keen on trying your version in MTA. I don't play many survival servers on MTA because they don't really appeal to me and I'm not that big of a fan of DayZ. However. since you're remaking Rust, I'm very interested!
  9. Hi, I'm wanting to suggest the ability to adjust the intensity of a light. I haven't seen any functions that do this nor is it an argument for createLight. Thanks.
  10. The sync with the trucks is an MTA sync issue, so I'd say it still would appear with this as well which is a shame. But once it gets fixed, this script should be alot better and more useful. And ye, the collisions with the invisible trucks are disabled, along with them being damage proof and locked.
  11. Hi everyone, I was thinking today that it would be cool to have a truck with more than 1 trailer. There is a truck in the game called a Road Train, and like I've seen in Australia, these kinds of trucks usually have more than 1 trailer. I created a simple script that allows this! Download link: http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... s&id=12529 Screenshot: How it works: It basically created an invisible truck at the trailer, so when you back the trailer up into another trailer, they connect! Hope you enjoy and maybe someone will find it useful.
  12. Well thats up to you, but I'd suggest not selling them and just keep working on the project with the goal to maybe one day open a server. Making a server properly takes months, sometimes years depending on your skill level, the features you want to make, the time you have spare and how many people are helping you. My suggestion is to just keep working on it whenever you have spare time. If you get to the stage where you'd call it finished, then I'd make up my mind about whether to sell them or make a server out of it. But hey, thats completely up to you.
  13. Thats good, but don't rush it too much either. It will take time and it doesnt all need to be done tonight or in 1 day. Try and plan what you're going to do before doing it. Write up a wishlist of stuff you want and even write notes on how you might make it and what it would do.
  14. Ok, so after playing around on the server with you (and believe me, if you weren't there showing me stuff, I would've left within about 5 minutes), here is a list of Pros and Cons: Pros: - Download was small and fast enough, though could've been faster (setup fastdownload) - Truck job is good, simple and easy to use. - Vehicle shop is nice and well made, needs some UI design changes and some more information though. - Vehicle upgrades thingo you showed me was cool, but needs extra features. Cons: - I pressed Play as Guest and it did nothing (either a bug or the feature isn't finished) - Password fields shouldn't show the actual password, it should be censored (showing ***) - Don't output the password in chat - When you spawn in/login for the first time, you have no idea on what to do. When you press F1, there isn't very much information You should make some tutorials when the player first logs in that actually make the player do something like go and buy a gun. - Lots of spelling and grammar mistakes - The UIs of the jobs are poorly designed and dont have much information about the job. - When you press Accept, you don't get any indication on what to do for the job. (and a bug that I found, if you press Accept multiple times at the Bus Driver job, it spawns more buses) - Bus Driver job has pretty much nothing for you to do since it requires other players. You should make missions with AI or something. - Taxi job is the same. And you should also do the same for taxi job like I said for the bus driver - Pilot job isn't at all descriptive as for what to do. Saying "Head to the airport to get a load, or pick people up ||/Pilot||" as soon as you take the job doesnt tell me what to do or how to pick up a load. - The weather type (stormy) made it hell it fly around. Either have an option to change the weather or don't have stormy weather on. - Medic job is the same as all the other jobs. It requires players in order to do anything. And the command in the output has a spelling error (/healp when I think its /heal ?) - Same thing for Police job. Add side missions to do for when there is nobody else online. - Some jobs aren't even marked on the map or have different blips - The blip for /wanted is the same for the jobs, so its not very easy to find players. - The colour for police is very dark, you can't even see your name in the chat. - When you die, the camera position over the hospital shows for too long (in my opinion) All in all, you have really nice ideas and I can see what you're trying to do, but its the way you've executed them that is the problem. Add more information, make ingame tutorials for almost everything. When I say tutorials, try and make then interactive as well. For example, when the player first joins and makes an account, give an introduction, explain what the server is about, then maybe guide them to spawning a vehicle and going to buy their first gun. Give them an objective to get them started. Spawning them at the airport with no information is going to have players leave and never come back. With your jobs, give them something to work for. Make ranks for all jobs and when you get to certain ranks, other things become unlocked like different vehicles, different types of deliveries or something. I like how alot of your jobs are player interactive, but if nobody is online, there is pretty much nothing to do. Add AI missions. Add more criminal stuff. Alot of people like to play these kinds of servers so they can take turfs and cause havok, yet I saw nothing in regards to criminal activity. Add turfs, add store robberies, stuff like that. Definitely change your UI designs. Some of them are pretty poorly designed. Take advantage of DX or even CEF if you know web development. It requires more work, but in the end, if you design things right, it'll look ALOT better. Hope this helps, and yes its alot to read, but you should take the time to go through what I'm talking about. I suggest to all servers owners to take a step back, clear their head and make an account on there server like as if they're a new player and try to play like as if they know nothing about the server and see if you find it enjoyable. I reckon if you did that, you'd see a lot of your problems.
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