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  1. We are still up running, feel free to join us at our: Discord: https://discord.gg/C6gBnTZ IP: mtasa:// Forums: https://creativegamingrpg.com/index.php
  2. 14/05/2020 - Fuel system added: we tried to make this as realistic as possible. * Activated fuel system on housing. * Activated fuel on locked vehicles ( of clans/groups ). * Gas stations prices has a variety if it's in or close to the city the price is 6 - 7 per gallon. * Far distant counties gallon price can reach up to 10. * Added fuel stations all around SA. * Press Space bar to start refueling your vehicle. * Prices for boats fuel / vehicles fuel / planes are not equal. * Tesla model vehicle can't use casual fuel stations for its battery, so Tesla owners please wai
  3. Sorry but I was kind of busy, so hadn't really the chance to update you. I wanted to say that the development didn't stop. We're also getting bigger day by day. 11/05/2020 Added first warehouse robbery for Clans, since gangs will be respawning using ammo from /clan so this is the first way to get your ammo from, beside the basic weapon shops robbing. * First door is like 2nd Casino Robbery door you've to shoot through with ANY weapon ( even miniguns work ). * Second door is a crack door. * Weapon Boxes are lock picking boxes ( new system, you just have to hold down L ).
  4. Creative Gaming's development head has decided to open the doors for new developers (scripters). We're looking forward to building a good scripting team. Our server is actually getting bigger day by day. Hence why we want ,as I've stated below, few developers. If you are interested make an account at our forums and apply. https://creativegamingrpg.com/showthread.php?tid=240 - everything is well-explained right here. Join our discord channel as well, https://discord.gg/C6gBnTZ . Wish you all the best of luck.
  5. We have officially reached 40+ players. It's our best record as far! I'm going to share with you all some screenshots below.
  6. 29/04/2020 - Sorry for being late. -Turfing system reworked : * We reworked the whole system of turfs & made a new one. * Added a few turfs for now just for the beta test of it, if the script is fine with no bugs we'll spam the whole map. * You can show turfs using /turf. - Mods * Changed crosshair to a custom one you can change the shape of it by pressing K and color by L. * Added weapon mods to Combat shotgun / M4 / Sniper / AK-47. -Bank Robbery: * Added cracking using numbers other than numpad. ------------------ Do not hesitate to joi
  7. From now on everything implemented to the server will be shared here in this topic. We want to make sure that everyone checks how the server is improving day by day. One more thing to add, the development will never end as long as players keep suggesting and coming up with unique & creative ideas. 28/04/2020 - Scoreboard: * Changed few style details:- you can keep our old purple style or just press restore defaults to get the new style. * Added flags. - Animations: * Toggle animations window using F3. * Animations can be swiped using right & left mouse
  8. Creative Gaming is a rebirth of an old project back in 2013 called SACG, it was launched on 31st of March 2020. From that time until now a lot of changes have occurred based upon the orders of the player base to create an immersive experience for visitors. By now, we've got an active staff team, that has an almost 24-hour coverage over the server, and willing to help anyone, a vigorous development team that is working daily on bettering the player's experience. Creative Gaming provides a sense of nostalgia for past RPG experiences mixed with moderation. We'v
  9. Application Format Name : Mitka Paunov Ingame name : Polat Age : 17 Country of birth : Macedonia. nationality : Macedonian. Nativelanguage : Macedonian. Other languages : English, Serbian, Russian. About yourself : Hello, my name is Mitka Paunov. I currently live in Macedonia, Stip. In the summer times I work as a graphic deisgner at my friend's studio. Well I started with photoshop 4 years ago and mapping 5 years agon Applying for : Mapper & Graphic Designer. What are your specialties : Loyalty, Dedecation, Creative and Patie
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