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    I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce and I got egg noodles and ketchup. I'm an average nobody.
  1. Application Format Name : Mitka Paunov Ingame name : Polat Age : 17 Country of birth : Macedonia. nationality : Macedonian. Nativelanguage : Macedonian. Other languages : English, Serbian, Russian. About yourself : Hello, my name is Mitka Paunov. I currently live in Macedonia, Stip. In the summer times I work as a graphic deisgner at my friend's studio. Well I started with photoshop 4 years ago and mapping 5 years agon Applying for : Mapper & Graphic Designer. What are your specialties : Loyalty, Dedecation, Creative and Patient. Media of your creations : I will update this later and add in my creations. Did you join our discord channel : Not yet. Do you have a mic : Yes I do own a mic. Servers played in the past containing the RPG gamemode : Well I have been playing MTA:SA for 7 years, I have played tons of servers such as : SAES:RPG, SARL:RPG, SARU:RPG, SACG:RPG, BUG:RPG, BOT:RPG, CIT, SAFG:RPG, Dynasty Network, SACG:RPG, SACG:RPG, LRPG etc.
  2. Kizi^ came into SAFG:RPG and started spamming us and ddosing,here is picture what i took.Please do something about it they are comming daily n' spamming us,and the server started to lag we tried to ban him but we coudn't do it. http://imgur.com/a/LkDDq While i was uploading the pictures one more guy came into the server spammed too about RSG:RPG. http://imgur.com/a/21Kw4 If they try to spam again i will take pictures and post it here.