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  1. well am i?? omg after all this time im still "Ass Whooped" ! i think its been long enough and time for someone to change it please.... leave my ass out of this. secondly, how's the "+5" more characters in the name field of mta client going through? for the upcoming version..
  2. Nope always same name, none of the above.... well im not saying im NOT aware of the fact that people always want more, first off, u could easily have even 20 characters allowed, doesnt mean the scoreboard has to show 20.... but i wouldnt recommend that way, i just meant a decent size as in 5 characters even though i dont need 5 more myself, but for others also. Not everyone will be satisfied but some will, and just because theres ones that wont be satisfied, doesnt mean u just give up and make all those not happy.... but u can help BTW i noticed im still "Ass Whooped", and cant see the
  3. Nope, i was unable to register with that certain email at all untill it was done manually. rebel dont be sorry if your stubborn, some people are just like that.. i DID get my forum changes w/o a reason and if there WAS a reason and its legit, i dont think the person who changed it would hide himself, if it was relevant or necessary, as he'd just tell me straight up why.. Also i know pming isnt a good idea bla bla do u think that was my first resort?? like i said i tried and tried in the IRC channel, who ever replied just didnt have forum priveleges and i could never catch blokker free..
  4. thats because i changed emails therefore had to reregister as the forum would not accept my email and had to wait months, then finally, after i got a hold of blokker who then abused me for half an hour cuz i pmed him on irc , he done it manualy eventualy when i fit in my explanation and now is fine OMG could it be? its all making sense now, Maybe Blokker made me "Ass Whooped"?? lol is it possible to know for how long ive been in this status?
  5. heya fellaz.... well i dont know how or why im Ass Whooped lol . thought it would of been u MrBump but guess not, maybe one of your fans and Mr.Bill what do u mean by the "post he got that rank was already deleted"?? i dont get it. umm, how about for the inconvenience u have caused, that u add 5 spaces in nicknames for upcoming version of MTA:VC ?? BTW my status before being changed to "Ass Whooped" was "MTA Co-Tester", restoring that would be nice
  6. thx for reply UtopiA.... well that pretty much says the problems on my side.... which makes it wierder ive never tried lanning on mta with my other 2 comps on network, but i just dont get it.. when we join same servers for online play on other games, it works fine. ill fool around with few things see what happens.. Utopia do u run firewalls on the comps and still play online together normaly? thx
  7. eAi what u on about? i know how your name goes Oh well MrBump im glad the speedo is in the books anyways, but as for more spaces in nicknames PLEASE, try to add 5MAX for upcoming, or mention it to the TeaM, maybe implement it quietly next version ? so many dont have time to ask for 40 spaces when its 30 5 would be very nice, not 2 long, not 2 short, just right cheers. BTW MrBump im sure u have something to do with this "Ass Whooped" status of mine, im getting wierd pm's from queer people
  8. any MTA TeaM members know anything of this problem??
  9. well see YOU have to go back a page to see what im typing about, not me OR MrBump and i referred it to MrBump, in other words, he doesnt have to go back a page.. so why would i care if anyone else has to press back once, if i dont care for them to read that specific reply? man some people dont know how to use their spare time, leave me alone plz, u butted in, now just butt out.. BTW im not Ass Whooped i tell ya!
  10. hey fellaz..... eAi not every addon or feature has to be cornerning multiplayer purpose, besides from what i can tell, most wouldnt mind a speedo for top speed testing Also if it was to be, having it on the scoreboard would be a little pointless dont u think?? i mean i wana check out my kph while im driving/riding and not while im checking scores/pings. eAi yourself u wouldnt want a speedo?? or dont really care?? thx. BTW can someone from MTA TeaM shed some light on the more spaces in nicknames part?? is it something u guys are gona do?? or at least considering?
  11. yea good point Yankee..... and since its getting released October now not November like they first stated, without still mentioning a word on MP is bad news people have been waiting for this for years me one of them.. would be the most sold game ever eventually in my opinion. BTW prokopis seems to me that u think ROCKSTAR programmers are some garage kids.. If they wanted to, they could fart it out, theyre not 3rd year uni kids, and with all that money pffft.. Their only challenge to follow up is keeping the game clean from cheats, from updates patches etc..
  12. Well doesnt seem like anyone else is getting this prob?? or no one plays using 2 comps sharing same net in same MTA server?? someone shed some light plz
  13. umm i know how to click quote but im not trying to impress anyone so really i dont care if others read it or not.... secondly whose asked if it was a lying post?? MrBump did so who am i referring to?? u clearly knew yet u had some spare time to type this... plz dont bother me i made my facts period. MrBump i wouldnt even dare come on as your name if i was u lol. otherwise i can imagine what youde go thru. but just come anonymous another name whatever so they dont storm u with stupid questions and crys.
  14. hey... well i dont mean lan play, i mean normal mta play online and when we join same server ping fits it like i said before.... doesnt happen to my other online games when in same server. wierd.
  15. yea and wat about the more spaces for longer nicknames?? is it just me or a few more spaces maybe 5-10 is too long? cheers. BTW why am i ass whooped?!!!!
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