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  1. Hello! I have shader (Gauss Blur), and I must draw it only on part of my image. For example: https://i.imgur.com/80mrBFa.png In MTA I must blur white section, but black section of image leave alone. It is possible?
  2. Rat32

    UI in CEF

    Hah, okay. Thank's for help in twice topics! :D. Greetings to you. //oh I forgot. How about directly acces to this files? There is a way? I mean security. you know :).
  3. Rat32

    UI in CEF

    Hello. CEF is enough stabilished to create UI in this? Older PC's will crash or have low fps/lags on it? How about directly acces to this files? HTML scripts will be in MTA resource added to meta.
  4. Ok. But I have other question - is the way to get which gui is on top, on second etc?
  5. Hello. Is the way to get element tree of gui? For example I have a GUI window, tab panel and two buttons in tab panel. I must get tree of root elements like this: Window (root) --> Tab Panel --> Button, Button
  6. Rat32

    Texture connect

    Best solution and thanks for you!
  7. Hello community, I have for example texture created by dxCreateTexture (simple image). I have to connect it to second texture and make one texture. Like adding a layers in Gimp/Photoshop. It is possible?
  8. Rat32

    Server requirments

    Thank you very much
  9. Rat32

    Server requirments

    Hello. This server specification should work good at 100 slots on MTA server?
  10. Rat32

    MTA "Crashing"

    Hello. I need small problem with my MTA. I FORMATED PC when I saw this problem, but is still anooying. When I'm in ALT+TAB in Notpead++ or another program more than maybe 2 minutes my MTA "Crashing". Screen is blocked, sounds are working (when i prees for example F my ped will enter to vehicle, but only in sounds, screen is frozen). This problem showing in window mode, in fullscreen is more funny - he blocks my Windows and I must restart my PC. I have green screen (but this is my template color, I have windows 8). I can only move me with ALT+TAB to desktop, but I can't have window start bar and I can't ALT+TAB to another program. Sorry for my bad English.
  11. Jeżeli jesteś obeznany w programowaniu oraz w działaniu aplikacji to teksturę podmienisz tworząc najprostszy shader na podmianę tekstury. texture Texture; technique setTexture { pass P0 { Texture[0] = Texture; } } Potem używając funkcji engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture nakładasz na autko robiąc synchronizację i to wszystko. W razie pytań pytaj w poście.
  12. I saw this bug too. In my screen player2 shooted me with fists when he had M4.
  13. Rat32

    VPS Details

    Thank you.
  14. Rat32

    VPS Details

    Hello. Does this VPS should run MTA Server and website with IPB 4.x? (MTA 120 slots max). //Suppose is script on server is optimal.
  15. -- Trailer sync function trailerSyncTimers[client] = setTimer(function(client) trailerSyncTimers = { } -- Sync first truck trailer if there is any if vehicles and vehicles[client] and isElement(vehicles[client]) and isElement(getElementData(vehicles[client], "GTWvehicles.attachedTrailer")) then local tx,ty,tz = getElementPosition(getElementData(vehicles[client], "GTWvehicles.attachedTrailer")) local trx,try,trz = getElementRotation(getElementData(vehicles[client], "GTWvehicles.attachedTrailer")) setElementData(getElementData(vehicles[client], "GTWvehicles.attachedTrailer"), "GTWvehicles.trailer.location", toJSON({tx,ty,tz, trx,try,trz})) else killTimer(trailerSyncTimers[client]) end -- Sync first truck trailer if there is any if trailers and trailers[client] and trailers[client][1] and isElement(trailers[client][1]) and isElement(getElementData(trailers[client][1], "GTWvehicles.second_trailer")) then local tx,ty,tz = getElementPosition(getElementData(trailers[client][1], "GTWvehicles.second_trailer")) local trx,try,trz = getElementRotation(getElementData(trailers[client][1], "GTWvehicles.second_trailer")) setElementData(getElementData(trailers[client][1], "GTWvehicles.second_trailer"), "GTWvehicles.trailer.location", toJSON({tx,ty,tz, trx,try,trz})) end end, 250, 0, client) Same. I don't want to request you to write script for me, but my ideas ended - sorry.
  16. Very thanks. Hmm, your code generating errors, "attempt to index global "trailerSyncTimer" in line 6", I tried to download and modify code from github pasted for you, but still not work. I don't have idea to fix this code. Any ideas/fixes?
  17. Ough, still bugged :/. Any idea?
  18. Hello. In one server trailers is fixed, not bugged. In clear MTA trailers is lagged. Anybody have idea to fix them with script?
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