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  1. Hello! I have shader (Gauss Blur), and I must draw it only on part of my image. For example: https://i.imgur.com/80mrBFa.png In MTA I must blur white section, but black section of image leave alone. It is possible?
  2. Rat32

    UI in CEF

    Hah, okay. Thank's for help in twice topics! :D. Greetings to you. //oh I forgot. How about directly acces to this files? There is a way? I mean security. you know :).
  3. Rat32

    UI in CEF

    Hello. CEF is enough stabilished to create UI in this? Older PC's will crash or have low fps/lags on it? How about directly acces to this files? HTML scripts will be in MTA resource added to meta.
  4. Ok. But I have other question - is the way to get which gui is on top, on second etc?
  5. Hello. Is the way to get element tree of gui? For example I have a GUI window, tab panel and two buttons in tab panel. I must get tree of root elements like this: Window (root) --> Tab Panel --> Button, Button
  6. Rat32

    Texture connect

    Best solution and thanks for you!
  7. Hello community, I have for example texture created by dxCreateTexture (simple image). I have to connect it to second texture and make one texture. Like adding a layers in Gimp/Photoshop. It is possible?
  8. Rat32

    Server requirments

    Thank you very much
  9. Hello. This server specification should work good at 100 slots on MTA server?
  10. Rat32

    MTA "Crashing"

    Hello. I need small problem with my MTA. I FORMATED PC when I saw this problem, but is still anooying. When I'm in ALT+TAB in Notpead++ or another program more than maybe 2 minutes my MTA "Crashing". Screen is blocked, sounds are working (when i prees for example F my ped will enter to vehicle, but only in sounds, screen is frozen). This problem showing in window mode, in fullscreen is more funny - he blocks my Windows and I must restart my PC. I have green screen (but this is my template color, I have windows 8). I can only move me with ALT+TAB to desktop, but I can't have window start
  11. Jeżeli jesteś obeznany w programowaniu oraz w działaniu aplikacji to teksturę podmienisz tworząc najprostszy shader na podmianę tekstury. texture Texture; technique setTexture { pass P0 { Texture[0] = Texture; } } Potem używając funkcji engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture nakładasz na autko robiąc synchronizację i to wszystko. W razie pytań pytaj w poście.
  12. I saw this bug too. In my screen player2 shooted me with fists when he had M4.
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