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  1. @darhal , I don't know what you're talking about , My friends and I are running a DayZ server ... We have personally seen hackers there. Also what use would I have of hacking things ? *facepalm* ... Here is the IP:
  2. I am trying to find the program , and that way somehow make another program/resource that will block off hackers. The only problem here is that they block the in-built Anti-Cheat/Anti-Trainer resource.I need that program, so you can set your server to kick the player who has that program using some scripting knowledge. *Hackers need to END*
  3. It is so easy to replace the skin , but how to actually ADD weapons ? Maybe it's not possibe Or.. ? What is createWeapon for ? Thanks
  4. Yeah , of course they will come back if you ban IP. IP is the easiest thing to solve. If I ban serial , TamTam can still come back . They format their computer and install MTA again with new serial, also using some kind of a program. @Gallardo9944 How do they hack element data ? Program name ? I've never seen the program. Who knows what they do to hack this thing... Thanks for replying.
  5. Yeah that is another way to save data , I know. There isn't manual server backup start.
  6. -PhoenixX-


    Is it possible for players to access commands like setElementData , and that way set their HP ? Because I've seen players hacking MTA ... Hackers are rare , I don't ussually meet them, but how do they do it . I really frkin' hate them. They are pretty annoying on DayZ servers.. Can they hack MTA and access this command ? setElementData(getPlayerFromName("PlayerName"),"blood",9999999) So they type their name in there , use the command to change their blood to example: 9999999 ? Or do they just do it with a program or what ? I know that MTA holds an anti-hack , anti-trainer and all th
  7. Hi there , Everyone. Probably someone already has asked this , but ok... I wonder is there a way to add new weapons to MTA... I mean I know there is but I don't know how ... Like adding them by scripting them with specific properties. Any help ? Thanks.
  8. Hello , cleverdog32. I don't know if I'm late to post here , but ok.. You can set your object move to specific coordinates using command. For example you type '/movemyobject' and it moves to where do you want. BTW you create the object you want using lua , not map editor. Hope this piece of code will help you: function createTheObject () -- function for creating your object myObject = createObject ( objectmodel , x , y , z , xrotation , yrotation , zrotation) -- If you haven't rotated the object , put for xyz rotation all to 0. -- x , y , z is the position where you want to create
  9. Is there a possible way to manually start server backup on MTA:DayZ ? Like for update of tents , vehicles and user data. Thanks.
  10. Hello guys, so I wanted to test my MTA Server resources on my computer , and I've encountered a port problem. The problem is: I get a message saying "Port 22003 UDP is closed. Players can not join!". I was doing this before many , many times , and it always worked! All other ports are OK, but this one doesn't work. I did it all carefully and correctly. I've checked two times. All ports are forwarded. I've allowed MTA:SA , GTA:SA , MTA Server Console and all 3 of the ports on windows firewall. It's all unblocked! But still getting this message! Do you guys know what is the problem ? Th
  11. Hello guys , I'm here to ask about MTA:DayZ... So , I need uncompiled version of MTA:DayZ. I was searching all around the net , but didn't find anything useful. Now , why I want the uncompiled version.. ? - Because the compiled version is not very editable. I want the uncompiled version so I can translate all of it , and/or change items and weapons names... and so on... Also... What happened to mtadayz.net ? I can't access it .. Was it shutdown or what ? Developer doesn't have much support or he is very busy or what ? ~ I appriciate any replies.
  12. -PhoenixX-

    DayZ Server

    Bok svima... Evo ja i moji prijatelji smo nedavno napravili MTA DayZ Server sa hostom koji podrzava 40 igraca.Ovo je ujedno i prvi Balkanski DayZ Server. Host je veoma brz , no problem je što nemamo igraca. Svaki dan na serveru bude 5-10-15 igraca , a nama treba više! Ajmo sad svi koji igrate DayZ , dolazite na nas server! Također je moguće kupovati baze , stvari i vozila. Novi igraci mozda dobiju besplatnu bazu , zato pozurite! Ime servera: New DayZ Server[bALKAN] IP Servera: mtasa://
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