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  1. well made my own (the one you linked) soo i think this topic should be closed
  2. toppe1

    server help

    hi found this map http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.ph ... 7&orderBy= is there any way that i could get this on my server so all can see it or ? the files is IPL and ide
  3. okay. atm i run with Freeroam but do u know any cool dm gamemodes / maps ?
  4. look at http://www.serverffs.com they host cheap servers
  5. toppe1


    hi there i got a adminbase i want on my server but b4 i can do that i need a converter who converte my file adminbase.map to a useable mtafile thing. also need help with the xml file
  6. ehh isnt there a file in resource that make it able to gain money on a server ??
  7. heey im looking for a admin base/area could some 1 made 1 for me
  8. how do i get $/ money on my server is it a resource i will have to run or ?
  9. hi there. me and my friend we made a admin base so now we want this admin base on my mta server how do i do this ?
  10. nvm got it now just type this in console login Toppexxx (pass)
  11. i know this isnt for this topic but does any 1 know how i kick or ban people ?
  12. when i say f8 and then say start [resource] it says Access denied for "start"
  13. so u want me to do this? ? ... ... ... that doesnt sounds right ..
  14. it only says put it in acl.xml but where in it so if u/some 1 know how to do could you put my account in then Toppexxx
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