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  1. nothing, since then it made sence.
  2. string mouseButton, string buttonState, player playerWhoClicked, float clickPosX, float clickPosY, float clickPosZ but for example if i am lucky and i can find that coordinate, (clickPosX, clickPosY, and clickPosZ) i will be never that lucky again to find that coordinate. or can i use this somehow in an other way?
  3. yes i did, sorry for the hurry-scurry and i have an other question, i don't really want to make a new topic for that, because i post a lot of things here, so... on the image above, where the errors are as well, you can se a door. i tried to find a function i think i did not find the best function for that. i'd like to make a script for example i click the door, and it opens. what should i use for that?
  4. function OBJECTS() if DOOR_1 or DOOR_2 then destroyElement (DOOR_1) end --Destroys previous elements. DOOR_1 = createObject (2949, -709.25128173828, 947.37493896484, 11.458323478699) --Creates a door, declared as DOOR_1. DOOR_2 = createObject (2949, -709.25128173828, 948.9, 11.458323478699) --Creates a door, declared as DOOR_2. setElementData (DOOR_1, "locked", true) --DOOR_1 is locked. setElementData (DOOR_2, "locked", false) --DOOR_2 is unlocked. setElementData (DOOR_1, "open", false) --DOOR_1 is closed. setElementData (DOOR_1, "open", false) --DOOR_2 is closed. end addEventHandler ("onResourceStart", getRootElement(), OBJECTS) Line 75 is the 8th line, 83 is the 16th: function ATTEMPT_LOCK_INTERACTION(CLIENT) if isElementWithinMarker (CLIENT, DOOR_1_MARKER) then if getElementData (DOOR_1, "locked") == false then if getElementData (DOOR_1 "open") == false then setElementData (DOOR_1, "locked", true) end elseif getElementData (DOOR_1, "locked") == true then if getElementData (DOOR_1 "open") == false then setElementData (DOOR_1, "locked", false) end end end if isElementWithinMarker (CLIENT, DOOR_2_MARKER) then if getElementData (DOOR_2, "locked") == false then if getElementData (DOOR_2 "open") == false then setElementData (DOOR_2, "locked", true) end elseif getElementData (DOOR_2, "locked") == true then if getElementData (DOOR_2 "open") == false then setElementData (DOOR_2, "locked", false) end end end end addCommandHandler ("ATTEMPT_LOCK_INTERACTION", ATTEMPT_LOCK_INTERACTION)
  5. function lekerdez(jatekos, parancs, jatekosnev) qh = dbQuery(db, "SELECT * FROM feltoltesek WHERE jatekosnev='"..jatekosnev.."'") result = dbPoll (qh, -1) local row = result if row then local x = tostring(result["x"]) outputChatBox (""..x.."", jatekos) else outputChatBox ("Error!", jatekos) end end addCommandHandler ("lekerdez", lekerdez) I made one with dbPoll, as you said, i found this example in an other script, but it should output an X coordinate in the chat, but it puts "nil".
  6. not to annoy you, i really appreciate your helpfulness, but i am really new to this part of programming, and i don't really understand the problem. i picked this one from an other code, in that one it seems to work, here it is not, and i dont really understand the code you posted above. I'm trying to learn all of the functions of programming on a template, and i try to learn that template, but here every commenter posted different codes, and i don't know which one is the best to learn. for example yours is an anonymous function, and i found it interesting.
  7. what is wrong with this one? DB = dbConnect( "mysql", "dbname=teszt;host=", "root", "mypassword", "share=1" ) local data = dbQuery(DB, "SELECT * FROM feltoltesek WHERE jatekosnev='"..jatekosnev.."'") if (data) then local x = tostring(data["x"]) outputChatBox (""..x.."", jatekos) end 2nd line: attempt to concatenate local 'jatekosnev' (a nil value)
  8. i made a script, that some of the player's data gets recorded into my database. i am very new to mysql, but i need it, and found it useful. i am thankful for the replies, and explanations but i dont really understand it yet. local table = "My Table"; local IsTomOnDatabase = dbExec(DB,"SELECT * FROM "..table.." WHERE jatekosnev=?",'cmdTommy' i've got these ones, but below it i dont. i dont know why i need # before isTomOnDatabase, and why not == instead of =~ and the meaning of 0.please help!
  9. thank you but, what does the # mean in the 6th line before IsTomOnDatabase? and this one:? ~= 0
  10. Hi! I know how to insert data to mysql, but i don't know how to get them, or find them. For example: I'd like to get cmdTommy's X Y and Z and set his position to them, when for example a type in a command. Could you please help me how to do it, and explain how does it work? I use the built-in mysql functions.
  11. Thank you very much!
  12. Hi! As i log into my server, i recieve a lot of warnings, which are really annoying, due to a timer, who is spamming it, i don't even understand why is it spamming my debugscript, while i am not in a vehicle, just standing. function bekapcsoltOvEllenorzese(jatekos) --this is line 55 if isPedInVehicle (jatekos) == true and getElementData (jatekos, "bekapcsoltOv") == false then if isTimer(beeping) then killTimer (beeping) beeping = setTimer ( function() triggerClientEvent ("beltWarning", jatekos) bindKey (jatekos, "F5", "down", "öv") end, 1000, 0) else beeping = setTimer ( function() triggerClientEvent ("beltWarning", jatekos) bindKey (jatekos, "F5", "down", "öv") end, 1000, 0) end end end addEventHandler ("onVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), bekapcsoltOvEllenorzese) --this is line 71 I am not even in a vehicle, so i don't know why the function gets called, while it has "onVehicleEnter"...
  13. Thank you for your help! You made me understand what the problem was, did this in a few cases too, fixed the buggy script.
  14. now this error is gone, but there is an other, i will post it here as soon as i arrive home from school
  15. Hello! I have the following problem: It is really annoying, because i don't know why is this happening. Whether i am in the car or not, it is spamming the debugscript, and starts, after i sat in the vehicle. function getJarmuElet() local jatekosVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer ) local jarmuHealth = getElementHealth ( jatekosVehicle ) / 10 if jatekosVehicle and jarmuHealth then return jarmuHealth else return nil end end if jarmuHealth > 80 then dxDrawText ("Jármű: #42f448OK!", 1480/devX*jatekosX, 802.5/devY*jatekosY, _, _, _, _, "default-bold", _, _, _, _, _, true) elseif jarmuHealth <= 79 and jarmuHealth >= 51 then dxDrawText ("Jármű: #f49141STOP!", 1475/devX*jatekosX, 802.5/devY*jatekosY, _, _, _, _, "default-bold", _, _, _, _, _, true) elseif jarmuHealth <= 50 then dxDrawText ("Jármű: #f45241SERV!", 1475/devX*jatekosX, 802.5/devY*jatekosY, _, _, _, _, "default-bold", _, _, _, _, _, true) end jarmuHealth's definition in the other function: local jatekosVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle (localPlayer) --this one is defined as well, because later there are some things that need the vehicle element local jarmuHealth = getJarmuElet() Line 23 is the 3d line of function getJarmuElet. Sorry for hungarian namings, i already got used to it, but trying to use mixed languages in production code, and trying to use full english next time. But please help, i really don't know what the problem is.