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  1. It wasn't an example, just a bug the method causes. Thanks for your response, in fact I just got the ground position via client and sent it over to the server side, it's not what I prefer but it's what we'll have to do until there is a better method.
  2. Hi, I'm having some trouble spawning bots with Slothbot onto a correct ground plane. My code originally gets an offset from a random player and creates a collision test zone, where when the player gets in the zone it gets his or her Z position and spawns the Slothbot. Unfortunately this does not work efficient as the player may be on a hill or below the Slothbot's X and Y ground position. When the bot is below the new Z position he falls and is re-spawned back to Z level, by game default, where he is then forgotten by the code; you can shoot but we will not die. I was hoping to learn how to use the Ped Paths so that I may implement that into my code, an example code may help.
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