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  1. I don't have ''resource'' folder! What I need do?
  2. Thanks but I have race server not DM. Maybe you can tell what I need to do in race server??? Thanks!!!
  3. hello. First of all I need say my english is very bad! Maybe somebody have time for me and can help me? I need admin in my server but I have problem. I don't know how to start any admin script and I don't know who is the best admin script. So maybe somebody can tell me how to start any admin script. P.S. my email grauzejs1@gmail.com I wait yours answers .
  4. Ok! But what I need to do next? Please tell me!
  5. Please help me! where I need copy this script D/programs file/MTA san andreas/server/mods or where??? please help me soon. sorry my English is bad!
  6. Ok I don't post more than onec. Please give me answers.
  7. grauzejs1234


    home = up end = down
  8. Now I ask how i can give admin some users who play in my server? Please tell me what I need to do. Please tell how I can get !commands !new !rank !stats !cash or !money !bet !ping !stuck !suck !boobs !admin mabby some other commands what you like.
  9. Mabby you can help whit thr irc chat ir server? Please tell me who start irc in my NTA:SA server and plase give me link where I can download the irc.
  10. Hi all. I have problem whit the MTA remonte admin. In username I need write my MTA:SA nick??? In password i need write admin password what I config in mta server??? In host I need write my pc ip??? In port I need write my MTA:SA race server port??? I write username grauzejs[LAT] (it is my MTA:SA nick) password ***** (it is password what I cofig in mta server file) host (my pc ip) port 22003 (it is my server port) Please tell me where I have some mistake! Please help me soon. sorry for my english!
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