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  1. Gobe

    Is it possible?

    Yeah, that would really be a BIG benefit for flexebility, well I doesn't have to be 4.5gb, imagine if the scripters can just start with a empty map, and then download ressources to add cars, skins etc, the modified "game" wouldn't be that big, don't you think? I mean, as it would be just a platform (at the beginning) for developping gamemodes, it doesn't need the original SA map, but ofcourse, you could download a ressource to have it, same for cars, weapons, if you want the ones from the original game . I think we can get the best out GTA SA, to me it's the best platform to build an online
  2. Gobe

    Is it possible?

    It's just my dream but I wanted to know if it could be possible somedays: Is it possible that rockstar gives MTA SA Dev team their FULL source codes then it could be reworked as the greatest development platform, I don't know if you know what I mean, I mean that there wouldn't be any distance between the MTA client and the game itself, it means that we'd be able to modify things of the game, the number of objects ID, animations, custom players models (then maybe we could have many "CJ's" which means many "customisable peds"), increased player limits, add weapons and cars ids (it has been done
  3. Well good idea for the setPedAnalogControlState also, it would be cool having peds drivings cars and vehicles serverside and, and, it would be cool being able to tell peds to enter vehicles without having to "warp" them into vehicles, just make them enter a vehicle as a player do (opening door etc).
  4. Sorry for double post but, anyone do know how to? I'd like to know how to do with offsets too.
  5. Yeah sorry I didn't look at the function properly.
  6. Gobe

    Player Limit

    Well then, for example a player is getting out of the "Downtown Los Santos" server area and comes to another area, could the server change without the player actually seeing he changed of server? For example he's driving a car from a server 1 area to server 2 area, will he stay in the car without seeing anything? It would be like a kind of streaming.
  7. Well I agree, but Rockstar have a big and experienced developing team, so the development of a game doesn't take long for them + it's their job making that kind of things, and as MTA is the free thing, I don't think the MTA team have the time to spend their life on it + we don't have the source codes that could help the development of MTA:IV.
  8. It would be a little bit like in a Need For Speed game, being able to set drift tires etc... Just a question though, does it change the handling of one car or just all the cars (like if you change the handling of a turismo car does it change the handling of every turismo in the game)?
  9. Very nice function, I think it's gonna create a bunch of nice opportunities, like a new possibility for tuning garages: being able to buy kits to improve your cars speed (engine kit etc)... and it's gonna be possible with that function, that's awesome really.
  10. if long time means 2 hours then i agree If you think making that kind of things only takes 2 hours, then you probably don't have any idea of the time it can take, look at MTA:SA development, it took alot of time and I can't imaginate IV's one and if it's out before the next GTA episode then i'll post myself dancing Soulja Boy's superman dance on Youtube.
  11. I meant using setCarVelocity for limiting the car speed we don't want to see them driving @ 250kmh in a downtown street...
  12. Hey, As far as I know, it isn't possible yet to have ped driving vehicles server side, and i'd like to know if it will be possible somedays and if it will be possible to make them follow realistic path (roads, highways) etc realisticly as they do in the real game, make them turn corners realisticly, stop at traffic light, driving at a given speed (50kmh for example, well I think it could be done with setElementVelocity repeated many times or something like that).
  13. oh. Then, could you explain me how to calculate the angle of the bone (for example, the hand) because, I have really no ideas of how to do that.
  14. well i heard it's possible with "getPedBonePosition" and some mathematics.
  15. can you actually see the bottle in ur player's hand while you are drinking it?
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