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  1. The problem was fixed by GTA SA reinstalling, but anyway, here's the link. I want MTA SA to detect my anti-virus. http://upload.mtasa.com/u/899331805/gta_sa.exe_
  2. I have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, but MTA SA didn't find that I have it, so I checked 'I want to be a part of botnet' thingy. And it isn't popping out.
  3. Hmm, I've tried to run GTA SA in singleplayer, but it isn't working too. Then reinstall?
  4. http://pastebin.mtasa.com/549780214 It said me first that vorbis.dll was missing, it was really missing, so I get it from a website, placed it and no error in MTADiag. But I've tried to start it up, same error it gives me. Entered again MTADiag and it finished it's things and gived me the pastebin link. Do I have to reinstall it? Maybe the vorbis.dll was not original one?
  5. Hello, this issue appeared before some minutes. When I tried to startup MTA SA, it says me that the vvof,vog,vea,vvo files are missing from my PC. I placed them to my GTA SA folder before from the first time I've installed MTA SA, and it fixed the issue with the files missing. But this morning, before some minutes, I'm trying to start it up, but it gives me the same error with the missing files. I get them from MTA folder, placed in the directory, but when I start MTA SA again, the 'stop playing with yourself' picture showed and stayed like that around 30 seconds. After that, a error popped up. image hosting services Why does this happens? I've tried reinstalling MTA SA but no success...
  6. Coverdrave

    MTA SA lagging

    Hi guys, I have lag with MTA SA. I tried yesterday to play at DayZ server, but I always have lag. When I look to somewhere far, it even goes to 20-30fps. In SAMP, with more than 20 mods (which all mods in one are around 3gb (using retexture mod)) I have no lag, always 60fps (using VSync force for NVidia Control Panel). Why is this happening? My PC is more than enough to run the game maxed always 100fps...
  7. But onto the same mode (Protect the President) when on the spawn place with everyone i even get to 30FPS. But when alone (no other players) my FPS is 60 (no matter how much vehicles or another things, only matters the players). Is it maybe limited for to have better sync maybe? Because not all players can have 60FPS.
  8. But the FFS Gaming server? It's 49FPS but when no players around it's 60FPS solid 0_0.
  9. Xenon Gaming, here's the ip mtasa://
  10. Hello all, I play MTA SA from yesterday. First I played in DayZ server, it has ALWAYS 53-55FPS. In Race DD/DM me and all other players have 53FPS. Why the FPS is like that? Is it locked or something?
  11. Is it working? And if it is can I have the IP please?
  12. Hello, i need help. I have MTA SA 1.3 and i install it with everything correct, but when i start it (no matter from the desktop shortcut or the .exe file), it just starts GTA SA, like started from gta_sa.exe Already try to reinstall it but same happens. I don't want 1.4 because my friend is making server and needs help (i'm new in these things but im gonna learn them for sure) and says 1.3 is better. Please help me, before i install it and works but now it didn't.(the old one i was using 1.4, now 1.3) Thanks in advance
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