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  1. it was like that when i installed gta? and it worked before.. but thanks! ill try it right away
  2. bump really want to map.. cant even connect to localhost without that fucked up download thingy
  3. Here is my port forwarding: And heres my mtaserver.conf.. <mtusize>1500</mtusize> <!-- This parameter specifies the UDP port on which the server will be accepting incoming player connections; default value: 22003. It is a required parameter. --> <serverport>22010</serverport> <!-- This parameter specifies the number of maximum player slots available on the server; default value: 32. It is a required parameter. --> <maxplayers>5</maxplayers> <!-- This parameter specifies whether
  4. Now i get this.. and my friend get it when he connects to my server, and i get it when i connect to his server (Mine works when i dont use router, and he use router)
  5. Sorry i cant right now but, i got it port forwarded on the ports betwen 22003 and 22011 on both UCP/UDP ! And i got a map server so my mtaserver.conf is really my editor.conf heh.. But it worked flawless some day before i made this topic !
  6. Oh yeah ofcourse i ment 0.25mb/s.. he he.. sorry was so damn tired when i wrote that, and it stands that some of the ports are not open for UDP ? but i got them port forwarded. But i think i may have typed wrong port/http port? how to check that?
  7. I have port forwarded, but is it possible that i get timeouts because my internet is to slow? because we got two computers connected to a shit internet with both shit moden and router.. i get 2.95mb/s download speed in speed tests -___- and 0.25kb/s in up speed.. Yupp, other comp is off, so connected my computer right into modem and now its working -__-
  8. Hello, my port forwarded map server stoped working yeasterday, what can be wrong? I went to (my router) and edited the forward then saved then made it right again and saved, so i unsaved/saved it, and it worked, but even that dosent work anymore!! Me and my friends wanna map.. and alot of people hire me to map for them, and they like to watch me map.. Please help! /Dennis
  9. Thanks for everything dude! Let me know if you need any type of map for your gamemode or something PEACE!
  10. Okey, i sent you IP in a pm, and huh? weird haha.. but i dont even want it to show at gamemonitor, i just use it for personal use.. to map with friends, i just give them ip and they connect
  11. Hehe sorry... but uhm when i connect to my ip (from whatismyip not local one) with port 22010 i get in server so everyone else should to right?, there was some serverlist error first time but not now, i guess it created the serverlist file ? stod it couldnt find first, thanks to you and most of all thanks to my friend Tardasaurus!
  12. Anyone!? I really need to fix this fast, ive fixed that .conf thing, just need to know the proper way of portforwarding it... !
  13. waspen123


    You have to do it everytime before testing
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