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  1. I dont have a coreconfig.xml, i have only chatboxpresets
  2. But where can i find a file with mta settings? becous i cant ingame (lag on start and cant do nothing)
  3. When i alt+tab i get black screen and i cant leave to desktop, i must restart computer.
  4. Still i have problem... And when i get black screen, i cant ctrl+alt+del, alt+tab etc. i must restart comp
  5. I already put link to mtadiag :_:
  6. Hi. If i run MTA i get perm lag on menu screen, pastebin from MTADiag https://pastebin.mtasa.com/117987719
  7. Aa.. its not for item name. Well... Where i have a "M4", not "M4 CCO" ? I look all scripts and change "M4" to "M4 CCO" - if i click equip do nothing, not error, nothing.
  8. I have this in survivor system: --Weapon Property setWeaponProperty ("m4","poor","maximum_clip_ammo",30) setWeaponProperty ("m4","std","maximum_clip_ammo",30) setWeaponProperty ("m4","pro","maximum_clip_ammo",30) "m4" change to "m4a1 cco" ? (standard name of m4 is "M4")
  9. inventory: elseif itemName == "M4A1 CCO" or itemName == "AK-47" or itemName == "CZ 550" or itemName == "Winchester 1866" or itemName == "SPAZ-12 Combat Shotgun" or itemName == "Sawn-Off Shotgun" or itemName == "Heat-Seeking RPG" or itemName == "M136 Rocket Launcher" or itemName == "Lee Enfield" then weaponAmmoTable = { ["G17 Mag"] = { {"G17", 22}}, ["M1911 Mag"] = { {"M1911", 22}}, ["M9 SD Mag"] = { {"M9 SD", 23}}, ["Desert Eagle Mag"] = { {"Desert Eagle", 24}}, ["PDW Mag"] = { {"PDW", 28}}, ["MP5A5 Mag"] = { {"MP5A5", 29}}, ["AK Mag"] = { {"AK-47", 30}}, ["STAN
  10. Hi, i change name of weapon "M4" to "M4 CCO" and if i click equip do nothing ;/ I change name in: survivorsystem, spawn, login, editor_client, inventory, pickups, vehicles_spawn...
  11. Hi guys, how to create this panel of mta:dayz? Screenshot: http://scr.hu/6jqz/huhoh
  12. Hello everyone, i have a small problem. What is script to change vehicle hp?
  13. wgnsy123

    Ammo list

    What? ;p What i do to create this ammo txdraw.
  14. wgnsy123

    Ammo list

    Hello guys - how to create this "ammo txdraw" ? In in the community? ;p Screens: http://i.imgur.com/qecB3Bp.jpg
  15. Whats compiled? ;d How to create a Debug Monitor or Edit on DayZ ;p
  16. Hello guys How to create and edit the Debug Monitor on DayZ.. ?
  17. Hello, i have a warning in console of survivorSystem.lua... Logs in this: [2015-01-04 11:29:19] WARNING: [DayZ-MTA]\DayZ\survivorSystem.lua_dayz:0: Bad argument @ 'setElementID' [Expected element at argument 1, got nil] [2015-01-04 11:29:19] WARNING: [DayZ-MTA]\DayZ\survivorSystem.lua_dayz:0: Bad argument @ 'setElementID' [Expected element at argument 1, got nil] [2015-01-04 11:29:23] WARNING: [DayZ-MTA]\DayZ\survivorSystem.lua_dayz:0: Bad argument @ 'setElementID' [Expected element at argument 1, got nil] [2015-01-04 11:30:44] WARNING: [DayZ-MTA]\DayZ\survivorSystem.lua_dayz:0: Bad arg
  18. Yea, i try this - i start guieditor, write /guied and dont work.
  19. I download you version, and guieditor dont work...
  20. Hello, i have a guieditor script, a create a nawe gui and how to save this gui? I click right mouse on gui and "Parent Menu" > Output... GUI not save ;/
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