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    underground mta race

    thank you, I'll try that I'm not very familiar with scripting, but shouldn't it be "-9" instead of "9" in line 5?
  2. blubb

    underground mta race

    hey, here look at this video, then you should know what I mean. in mta 1.x this map is not possible anymore http://www.vidup.de/v/WXBDT/
  3. blubb

    underground mta race

    hey, is there a possibility to change the underground (part under the real gta map) as it was in mta:race? I need that for some maps that don't work anymore. back then you could slide at the lowest level that was possible but now you fall deeper and deeper and then you are suddenly back to the surface in mta 1.x
  4. blubb

    lap times

    hey, would it be possible to add another kind of checkpoint that marks a lap in race-mode? it would be very useful for circuits
  5. https://code.google.com/p/mtasa-resources-rcg/downloads/list
  6. blubb

    New resources

    why are there now more new resources to download in the last time? the latest ones are from february and since then theres nothing newer to download http://code.google.com/p/multitheftauto ... loads/list when will the next update be released, because these are really outdated?
  7. What flemm means is that when you take a vehicle change pickup, a bit of vertical velocity should be applied to the vehicle, I suppose this was added in MTA:Race to prevent cars from getting stuck in the ground. When there's only one pickup this little thrust is barely noticable, but when multiple vehicle change pickups are placed on top of each other (usually different kinds else it won't work) some mappers discovered that you can 'teleport' a vehicle somewhere above. The trick is used in many maps, especially DDs. how could race mode be edited that this effect will work again, because it'
  8. blubb


    could I add 2 or more download urls for different servers where the resources are located on, or would that cause any problems? i want that because sometimes that server isn't on, or very slow e.g. URL-Server1 URL-Server2 or will simply just one of the servers be used?
  9. could you add something to mute the player and unmute him after 30 secs?
  10. blubb

    2 questions

    doesn't anyone know how to get those tuned cars in race mode?
  11. blubb

    2 questions

    where is "autopimp" in the meta.xml?? and i'm not very familiar with scripting
  12. hey i have 2 questions how can i make that vehicles are automatically upgraded in the race mode (spoiler, wheels, bumpers....) ? and how can i add the number of checkpoints a player has passed next to the race rank column in the scoreboard?
  13. when does this version come?
  14. it is possible, I think I already saw it on some servers but i dont know how to do it
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