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  1. [WIP - RPG] Dynasty Network [English]

    link has been updated thank you for reporting this
  2. [WIP - RPG] Dynasty Network [English]

    Welcome fellow community members, I'm here to update everyone about the status of dynasty network. Since everyone does consider this as a dead project or something that won't be released. This is not the case, i'm putting all my available time into this project and we had a pretty messed up year behind us. Several developers joined us and left us which leaded in a total conversion of the theme. We're not longer making usage of the integraded MTA GUI, we've successfully managed to create everything with HTML / Javascript to create the closest encouter towards perfection within Multi Theft Auto. This revolution in the UI framework will give the RPG category a boost and will eventually attract a larger public within MTA. So expect great things to come within this month, just keep in mind that i'm working on this myself without any help regarding the scripting part so please don't come up with questions regqrding the release date since this hasn't be set yet. Cheers, Serenity
  3. [RPG-CnR] Delight Network [English]

    Well as far as i know i didn't even use SAES resources, You're the one that is having that reputation mate.
  4. [RPG-CnR] Delight Network [English]

    First of all never worked with Infinity on Dynasty Network. I've Always worked on it alone and i'm not talking about the ingame things i'm talking more about the way of coloring the text etc. Never said you copied anything ingame only the layout of the forum post is nearly the same ... And i've never used any community scripts within this gamemode. It's such a shame that you claim that Dynasty Network is using community resources or leaked RPG scripts. If you check out the scripts we already show on the forums you can literally see nothing has been copied and since this is a gamemode build up from scratch you won't even find any copied script. So beside the fact you are posting this type of nonsense take the time to actually get your facts right before pointing a finger towards any server.
  5. [RPG-CnR] Delight Network [English]

    Well based on what i did saw on the post itself i can assure you it does look familiar to Dynasty Network. But if we look into the server itself Dynasty Network is literally a step higher than what they currently show. Just make sure you don't copy anything from Dynasty Network so this won't end up in an argument.
  6. The physics must be optimised cause right now it's totally garbage when hitting the ball and a bad internet connection does make the ball trip like a piece of :~
  7. [RELEASE] MTA:SA Pathfinding Module

    getting the following error when starting het module on Linux MODULE: Unable to load x64/modules/ (/root/multitheftau to_linux_x64-1.5.4/x64/linux-libs/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.18' not f ound (required by /root/multitheftauto_linux_x64-1.5.4/x64/modules/ml_pathfind.s o)) Tried everything i know but still nothing can't seem to get it working apt-get install libstdc++6 does not fix this problem
  8. [RPG/CnR/RP] Limitless RPG v3.0 [ENGLISH]

    What does the server has to do with the hosting itself. You should say i do like this host
  9. So you wanna say i'm trying to get customers when i don't even script for others lol. I'm just telling them if they do require help they can contact me not that i'm taking the job or such.
  10. If you really need a high quality scripter feel free to contact me i got proof that my scripts aren't spaghetti nor does it take way too long. Take a look at Dynasty Netowrk which has been made from scratch by me
  11. Need help ASAP (map)

    You could try to contact the host see what he can do but you need valid proof that you are allowed to access the host
  12. Someone have this math function?

    He is true, you just have to check if it is positive or negative, and if the value is bigger than 10
  13. Someone have this math function?

    Just do this if rotation > 9 then "Right" if rotation < -9 then "Left" This should check if it is let or right
  14. Someone have this math function?

    Lol basically what you currently got and what ya need is 360 - got. If you do 360 - the value you get with findrotation you get what you need
  15. Looking for a server

    i know SAAW is doing a great job on bringing the closest to real life War.You should defenitly try that out