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  1. Guys stop the drama in this topic before you get a warning issued to you.If you want to state your opinion feel free to pm the account you want to say something too but keep it out of the topic.This topic has been made to attract players and not to start a flame war. Cheers, Serenity
  2. I'll put some time into this tonight.I'll write the script in order to put ID's so you basically dont have to do anything
  3. add a license play row and then try getting the vehicle based on the selected license plate
  4. Try to use the license plate or such to recognise which vehicle you are going to use since those are not the same usually
  5. Why would you pay that much when MyBB or SMF does provide nearly the same features.The only thing you've to do is basically create a theme and create your plugins.If you can't do this try getting a web developer to do it for you
  6. Main Core Updates Today has been an awesome day, we've peformed several changes in our maincore to optimise the ram usage and network usage plus we've changed a bunch of diffrent things on our forum theme.So let's see what has been changed in the Server itself. -As first we've added username detection by the player's Serial, it's an export so it will be used in many other scripts. -The member tab is now filled with all the required data -The log panel has been updated and now contains logs such as Creation / Invite / Leave / Kick / Rank changes / New Leader etc -The banking panel has been added and is ready to get fully completed -Start of our own custom Browser which will be used by the Login Panel -Security has been updated for the organisations, every feature has it's own permission which needs to match with the player's rank And we're proud to welcome Adistar and Freakout to our Headquarter team.They helped me build this community and made it how it is right now.Special thanks to @Freakout to create the theme and thanks to @Adistar for coming up with the forum theme idea's. This was it for today, we will be back tommorow with even bigger updates so stay tuned and make sure to visit www.dynastynetwork.tk Cheers, Serenity
  7. What the actual :O 25$ for a script that takes 4 hours to make it totally bugfree.Also the development of a brand new RPG server can take up to 6 months so you basically writing it for 150 $ depending on which days you script which isn't consistant
  8. Paid a visit today and defintly enjoyed the gameplay, however the low player rate is one thing that is causing it to not fully enjoy the gamemode itself but overall i woul recommend this server for someone who loves TDM
  9. One suggestion post some screens maybe!
  10. Put your entire code on here please.
  11. Not saying you need to pay, just saying i'm going to put some time in joining the server
  12. Probably ElementData
  13. Awesome design, nice concept of TDM, now the only thing left is paying a visit to it
  14. Good luck with the server but i've got the say you didn't put much time into the design as i already noticed.For me it just looks basic editing without keeping in mind to stick to a decent theme instead of just a mix of diffrent things.I hope this will change in the future and i'm going to pay a visit to the server very soon.
  15. No i'm currently going to use it for my RoleplayGaming server called Dynasty Network