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  1. I am only 9 ok my spelling is the troots and i made a new clan the Mr clan its my clan and i wish to keepit mine and yes KungfuGrip and me are agreeing not argueing. but i will argue with some one if they want to for fun. o I OWN the [Mr] Clan this is proof and if you some thing to say agast it stick it up your ass and blow it out... Im useing [Mr]Mr.Hat know. and is useing a swiming hack cheating
  2. im not the fourm idiot what about that stupid person who said that she found a time mashne and there was the doctor chaseing her saying destroy the time mashne my spelling sucks and know that. and why am i the fourm idiot my cereted my self and I am sorry for those how i have ofended ok maby you are the fourm idoit who insaults people
  3. i started the [Mr] clan!!!!!!!!!!!!! its mine ill change the vote im only nine and think Im smart for my age
  4. ive been spawn kill a million time's, if you know were the guy is just move as fast as you can then kill him with the m60
  5. i have a first person view mod that works on mta and it comes with a speedometor and damage meter and they dont work I wish they did
  6. I am not advertising a mod i was just saying they shod have a first person view in mta 0.3 and it would make it easyer to look at the way the mod works so they can include a 1st person view
  7. I have a mod and its great it makes vice city 1st person in all the vehicals put it in with mta it also has a speedometer it dosent work in mta but the veiws work go to here http://www.vicecitymods.de/gtavc_mods.php and here http://toca.game-editing.net/
  8. vote people i know im a dubass but vote
  9. i added you to the vote how do i stop this subject form the form so i dont get banned i dont want to get banned AHHHHHH
  10. I think I saw iggy in 1.0 and yes he is the true starter of the clan but I couldent find him after 2 months of looking and thought he died or something. so i took charge but if you want the clan death b than have it. ill start a new clan [Mr] clan and this is the proof of me starting it unless some as taken the [Mr] clan name it is mine now. what kind of work is noone its no one shit for brains P.S how do you stop this subject
  11. i made it in quake 3 too after vice city. it seems stupid but people feer the clan there
  12. VCPD and it stands for Vice City Police Department vcp is vice city police the two clans became partners
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