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  1. blah long quote anyways, what if the 2 players go driving around town just to see if anyone will attempt to kill them, so the attacker gets kicked every game script has a problem somewhere
  2. could whoever wrote manhunt (Aeron?) add code so manhunt wont turn on if theres less than 2 people in the server?
  3. I'm posting for someone who doesn't currently have a forum account...
  4. I just spent 30 minutes trying to make my own votekick, I go here and find one is already made :\ anyways, how about a vote script for voting manhunt on or off?
  5. yes, it's all wartech's fault
  6. you're all judging it based on if you were expecting to see a leet video ... titles & text - these should only be shown long enough to read the text twice quality - improve it as its hard to see the chopper in a lot of the chopper shots effects - add in slow-motion on parts such as when the vehicles are hitting the helicopter but don't over do content - it's okay to edit stuff out, if the stunt wasn't done right, you don't need to include it, such as the FT trying to go up the steps across from ammunation and over the road extra stuff - get rid of the hud when filming, and whats with
  7. that's like the glitch where if you jack a car in sp, the passengers in the back seat won't always get out of the car for awhile
  8. I only read a bit of the replies so oops if it was already answered but if a gang claims a territory, and that territory has a vehicle or helicopter, do they get that too, or does everyone/gang have equal rights to the vehicles?
  9. http://www.g4tv.com/ gaming channel, I think part based in San Diego, CA, it's not too old, which is why you probably don't know what it is for most cable companies you probably have to buy an extra package to get it although I almost could, I can't record it to the comp for you guys
  10. How about an option for an admin to reset car locations? After a few hours of playing the vehicles are everywhere and it's rare to find a car near a spawn point because people drive them to a better vehicle, abandon the spawn point vehicle, and take off in the new vehicle. So then you got to walk/run 5 miles till you find a nearly wrecked abandoned vehicle blah blah blah. either that or have vehicles which idle for over a specified time auto-matically return to their spawn location? *edit* (just remembered my other idea) how about a different style of people being represented on the map? i
  11. you can lower the stuff, but thats a lot of work since you have to find everything that goes with it (exit, vehicles, teleport entry, etc) and lower those too in the scm. even there, it wouldnt work right on mta anyways
  12. it's not exactly having the no-cd crack thats illegal, its having the illegal copy of the game that's illegal. don't copy that floppy
  13. lol...isnt there a building on the west island which says that?
  14. pack·er ( P ) n. One that packs: a packer of boxes in a warehouse. One whose occupation is the processing and packing of wholesale goods, usually meat products: meat packers.
  15. heh, me and someone else have our mta.scm setup so we have more pcj bikes at the spawn and multiple packers located around the city (it's just us two who play, server locked, and we don't play on other servers)
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