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  1. After creating the weapon attach it to the Hydra with attachElements
  2. Please use the code button when pasting your code.
  3. You can use getRealTime() and store a date to the player's account. If you want to manually count the time the player has been in the group you can use getRealTime().timestamp to get the current date in seconds and store it to his account so in the future you can use it to calculate the time he has been in the group.
  4. What's wrong with the default "/report" function for the admin panel?
  5. "(" can only be closed by another ")" function( ) can only be closed by an end You can't do: (end Or function ( ))
  6. Nope, only removeElementData. removeAccountData is just a useful function which sets the value of the data in a key to false, which is what pa3ck mentioned.
  7. In your Meta.xml, put the client script above the server script.
  8. Here u go... for i = 1, 7 do local r,g,b = i == 4 and 0,0,255 or 255,0,0 guiGridListSetItemColor(listatodoslosgrupos, row, i, r,g,b) end
  9. How are you setting the skin? Is it a shader or TXD?
  10. Can you post an image of how it looks?
  11. This is the wrong section. Post in the scripting section next time. local vehicleDamageTable = { -- vehicle ID and damage multiplier [427] = 5,-- Enforcer [416] = 2 -- Ambulance } addEventHandler( "onClientVehicleDamage", root, function ( _,_, loss ) if isElement(source) then -- Checks if the vehicle still exists if getElementHealth(source) > 0 then -- Checks if it's health isn't 0 (blown up) local damage = vehicleDamageTable[getElementModel(source)] if damage then setElementHealth( source, getElementHealth(source)+(loss)-(loss/sp))-- Damage that was set in the table else setElementHealth( source, getElementHealth(source)+(loss)-(loss/3)) -- Default damage modifier if vehicle not in the table end end end end)
  12. How are you defining the classes? ACL,data,XML etc....?
  13. Use inspect with dxDrawText or textCreateTextItem to see a table.
  14. Try adding this, after the check. It should print the numbers in the table as a single string of text. local string = table.concat(randomNumbers,", ") outputChatBox(string)
  15. dxDrawTextOnElement You should show us how the VIP system is set for the players, for example, account data, database etc...