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  1. How are you defining the classes? ACL,data,XML etc....?
  2. Use inspect with dxDrawText or textCreateTextItem to see a table.
  3. Try adding this, after the check. It should print the numbers in the table as a single string of text. local string = table.concat(randomNumbers,", ") outputChatBox(string)
  4. dxDrawTextOnElement You should show us how the VIP system is set for the players, for example, account data, database etc...
  5. Won't that only work for client sided markers? @Fist
  6. getDistanceBetweenPoints3D use this to check if the marker is <, for example, 1m or 0.5m away from where the mouse was clicked in the world. Markers have no collisions so you cannot click them.
  7. To make it look more like a hose they just use 2 lines on top of each other a white line then a grey line on top with a smaller width
  8. A video would be a better way of showing this but it's simply just dxDrawLine3D
  9. Stop spawning vehicles with the admin panel it corrupts the database. Look in the community or in the resources section for a dayz admin panel that spawns vehicles
  10. No prob. It checks for a driver when someone exits. if there isn't a driver it will delete the vehicle but you need to add the getVehicleType function again so u won't delete other cars.
  11. addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleExit", getRootElement(), function(theVehicle, towedBy) local thePlayer = getVehicleController(source) if not thePlayer then destroyElement(trailer) destroyElement(trailer2) destroyElement(trailer3) outputChatBox("#FFffFFElhagytad a mozdonyt. A vagonok törlődtek!", source, r,g,b, true) end end ) Try this.
  12. lol dude remove line 3
  13. Check if the train has a driver getVehicleController
  14. You can't check if the player is in a vehicle if he has just exited it. Change player in line 2 to theVehicle and remove isPedInVehicle and getPedOccupiedVehicle.
  15. change if player, to if isElement(player)