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  1. Hi all MTA SA players , I think you always waiting for mod and server like this . People bored of ZOMBIE SERVERS and DayZ . Soo 2 guys decided to create server called MTA project Metro 2033. This is new mod and new server . At this moment they are hardly working on mapping and scripting. I am one of Project Metro 2033 team members. I want to say that this is gonna to be best apocaliptic server in MTA sa . There will be mutants , radiation , war , enemies , cities , bases ,weapons , missions and every thing from Metro 2033 . We are planning to make Alpha test at the and of December . On alpha test you can see only 4 stations from Metro 2033, but we are planning to make some missions . Weapons , vehichles and e.t.c. will be too. Soo there is the map of our server at Alpha Test ... After Alpha Test , when we will open the server everything gonna be like in Metro 2033 . There will be fractions from Metro 2033 like : Sparta , Reich , Red Line , Bandits , Ganza and e.t.c. They would have war and sometimes they will be alliances or neutrals . We will make Policy (''City State'') from Metro 2033 . Will be Non-Dm zones ,where you cant shoot any one . Will be Dm zones , where you can shoot every body . Here is some information from development , this information about proggress and used stuff . You can see how much we done , and how many we need to work . We use stuff from: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: SHOC, CS, CoP; Metro 2033; Metro Last Light; Metro 2033: Redux; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1, 2, 3; Fallout 3; Survarium. Progress: Locations: -VDNKh: 100% -Riga: 100% -Market: 100% -Dead City 1, 2: 40% -Lenin's Library: 0% -Polis: 10% -Metro-2 (D6): 0% -Swamp 2: 100% -Swamp 1: 90% -Ostankino Tower, Korolev Theatre: 50% -Big Theatre (LL): 10% -Lubyanka: 0% -Venice: 0% -Red Square: 10% -Moscow Region: 2% Map props: 20% Pre-Light, Dynamic: 10% Models: Characters: 50% Main Character: 100% Weapons: 90% Vehicles: 50% Script: -Inventory & HUD: 50% -Story: 2% -Secondary scripts: 10% Sound: Ambient: 100% Music: 100% Localisation: WIP Photos From Mod and Map: Thanks for reading ! Be with us , comment ! With Respect MRW TEAM ! RUS Для русских , вам достаточно перейти по данной ссылке на нашу группу в вк ! http://vk.com/project_metro
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