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  1. Ohh.... Well its now permanently fixed! Thanks for the help a lot everyone!
  2. WTF... It literally started working this afternoon... The radio wasn't working, but I fixed that! Still this happened before and it started kicking me the next day... Lets just hope it doesn't start that again! Thanks for helping though!
  3. So it has to do with the audio files... What now?
  4. I decided to put MTA on my laptop, so I copied the GTA SA files onto a flash drive from my PC and play it. Once I installed everything MTA keeps kicking me off servers!!! ITS ANNOYING!!! It keeps saying this every time I try to get on a server: "Disconnected: You were kicked by (AC #4 CP6Z [Trainer])" What does that even mean! Just so no one suggests something I already did, I am going to list things I already tried. 1. Reinstalling MTA. 2. Reinstalling GTA. (including save files) 3. Restarting the computer. (Actually worked once.) 4. Using a fresh version of GTA SA. (still cracked.) 5. Turning off that may programs that touch MTA or GTA SA. (not uninstalling.) I use a cracked version because the disk is already scratched and I don't want to get it out and risk it being scratched even worse. Please somebody help!