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  1. Its hacking the games memory that was never designed for any of this.. give it a fucking break you.
  2. Very much interested in the following: More action means more data which means more packets. The servers at the moment eat a considerable ammount of bandwidth as they are, what is the general bandwidth usage now for say, 16 players? Since you haven't had 16 players on to test, I would expect an educated guess (answering anyone who might try to flame me). This is realitively important.. a nice response would be appreciated
  3. I don't know if this is what you want to know.. I can't tell if you are asking about how to run a server itself, or the MTA server.. I'll write this anyway since I'm bored.. If there are other howtos, whoops, use the "SEARCH" option to a forum. setup for MTA's server is extremely straight foward. However, I do recommend creating a different user to run the server from. This though requires root, so if you do not have root, don't do this: groupadd mtavc useradd -m -g mtavc mtavc passwd mtavc Enter your Password: (it wont show up) Re-enter your Password: (wont show up) You now have a user
  4. Possible for someone to tell me the syntax bans are set as in the file?
  5. there is a linux version.. mmorpg-net runs 3 linux servers with mtaserver on them. I'm figuring your use of 'unix' is implying 'linux'. Why don't you review the downloads
  6. Well, MMORPG-NET Servers CAN handle alot of users. The simple fact is the server isn't staying up. Not bashing anyone, but unstability :\
  7. It fills up, but not always.. we run 3 server, and after 2 hours all 3 were segfaulted.
  8. For the record, you've done a great job, since the complexity of what you are doing is something one usually wouldn't take on, I've enjoyed playing, even with the crashes. The only problem I'm having, other then crashes, is the fact I can't keep a server up long before it segfaults. Its happened to every server we run (MMORPG-NET). Linux server. Any information would be helpful, we just want to be stable
  9. check the download page, woot yay, gj MTAVC.
  10. servername: mmorpg-net.com port: default feel like playin a bit on it to see how well it keeps? The server is hosting a forum and a CS (ew, 1.6) server, thus dunno how it will work out. Take a try?
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