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  1. im just wondering if u guys can add liek player tags like a lil test that pops up ont he side or somthin so u know who is who. just like all the toehr FPS games.
  2. MMMM MM!! i truly agree with u dead bird
  3. ok enough with this bill gate shit ok he is great man an dall ok but how the hell can a FAke thing bring down a damn stock market?? i dont get it.
  4. i dotn really gvie a shit if there are delays and such but hearing ppl complaining about it really pisses me off. ok if ur gonna leave dotn be sayin O im gonna play ggm!! cuz mta cant realease the mod. its not gonna change anything sine like 149055 ppl are gonna play this GREAT MOD and plus mta is more stable. go to ggm if you want its fine with mta. i tried it and like barely ppl use it i wonder y? and plus that mod is just a wannabe mta they just want respect while mta wants people to be happy and shit. roFL anyways mta keep on the good work ill be here waiting for the next release.
  5. yea just keep it real not retarded complicated crap
  6. just wanan say like every gets the bazooka and like get about 100 ammo and like its gets to be chaoS!!!
  7. that soudns retarded becuz of all the space that is limited in gta3
  8. omfg i HATE CS so many becuz of ppl use that game for like regonition!!! like ppl like brag in ym block ahahha u suck and shit when i havent even played them yet go its soooooo retarded plus it says realism?? wtf there is no realism to that game just retarded jumping and runnin killing like noobs.
  9. im just wondering if this is possible like if a person has a car skin and map addons and crap. when u join, it can download the stuff from wut the server has but onto another folder so it wont like overwrite the original like on cs where u hav to download sounds and crap but it instead of sounds its files. lets say this for an example to make things more clear: ok im joining a server and the server has some car skins and map addons a lil bar pops up could be anywhere and shows the download %. then when its down it saves to like the gtaIII folder in like gta3III/mta/serverfiles1 and lik
  10. i just wanna say since 0.3 is gonna be a real big hit with all the new stuff you kno? i can host the file as a mirror to since i got a account wit barely used bandwidth and web space and i hav no prob being a mirror for the upcomin version .
  11. lol all good ideas wit the skins and stuff but aren tu guys kinda gettin to carried away wit the impossible? remember this is a GTA3 multiplayer mod not a gta3 fusion mod.lol
  12. ok i downloaded cars like from gta3 garage and stuff so i was wondering will my game still be compatible wit other players will it be like cs? like i am the only one that sees my skin unless someone else has it. And also if i edited my car stat in the handling.cfg and tuned up my cars will that effect other players? like mine is faster but theirs is slower?. Or will it be like on the car i have it will go faster but on theirs its slower?
  13. i was thinkin about having gang wars. like everyone gets a pistol and the leader gets like a uzi and like when u die ur leader has to respawn u by taggin ur dead body and u respawn back at like ur gangs area or somthin. And like u get points of respect for like each person u kill on the other gangs. the more respect u hav the better weapons u get and if u die u lose all ur respect and weapons. Also there should be one car so u can do like drive bys. But im hoping the 2 ppl in car thign would work since it will be cool hav one guy do drive bys and one guy driving
  14. i think we shoudl hav a mode where u liek take a car and drag race. on liek the runway or somthin anyways im out
  15. im not quit sure there will be a gta with a official multiplayer made by the game developers, but im real sure multitheftauto can do the job
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