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  1. thisdp

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    I just wonder how can you draw a window on 3d interface. set face to nil,nil,nil can give you an always facing to the camera state
  2. thisdp

    Press TAB to skip guiEdits

    create edits in the same parent gui element
  3. thisdp

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    here is an example local sortfnc = [[ local arg = {...} local a = arg[1] local b = arg[2] local column = dgsElementData[self].sortColumn local texta,textb = a[column][1],b[column][1] local texta,textb = tonumber(texta:sub(2)),tonumber(textb:sub(2)) print(texta,textb) return texta < textb ]] gridlist = dgsCreateGridList(300,50,600,600,false) dgsGridListAddColumn(gridlist,"test1",0.2) for i=1,50 do local row = dgsGridListAddRow(gridlist) dgsGridListSetItemText(gridlist,row,1,"#"..tostring(i)) end dgsGridListSetSortEnabled(gridlist,false) --disable click sorting dgsGridListSetSortFunction(gridlist,sortfnc) dgsGridListSetSortColumn(gridlist,1) I have just released DGS 3.393 You can use dgsScrollBarSetLocked to lock the position dgsScrollBarSetLocked(scrollbar,state)
  4. thisdp

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    Event Name: On*** -> on*** use custom sort function
  5. thisdp

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    function scr(new, old) if source == dgsGridListGetScrollBar(gridlist)[1] then local vertical = dgsGridListGetScrollPosition(gridlist) if vertical ~= old then dgsGridListSetScrollPosition(gridlist,old) end end end addEventHandler("onDgsScrollBarScrollPositionChange",root,scr) read the bold text in "state" carefully
  6. thisdp

    [HELP] Gridlist problem (DGS)

    My pleasure Thanks for your support again
  7. thisdp

    [HELP] Gridlist problem (DGS)
  8. thisdp

    [HELP] Gridlist problem (DGS)

    Thanks for your supports
  9. thisdp

    [HELP] Gridlist problem (DGS)

    property: "arrowColor" {arrowColorNormal, arrowColorHover, arrowColorClick} "cursorColor" {cursorColorNormal, cursorColorHover, cursorColorClick} "troughColor" troughColor See Core/scrollbar.lua
  10. thisdp

    [HELP] Gridlist problem (DGS)

  11. thisdp

    [HELP] Gridlist problem (DGS)

    thanks for reporting it's a bug and has been discovered by you:D
  12. thisdp

    Objects disappear near player's camera
  13. thisdp

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    dx function is still limited compared with html
  14. thisdp

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    This requires shader