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  1. well, I am planning to do this. But unfortunately, I don't have enough free time to do that.
  2. use processLineOfSight
  3. Hope you can find the solution in my dxlib:
  4. I am waiting the issue to be solved. And sorry for the bug.
  5. DGS Supports GUI TO DGS Now and still under testing:
  7. Maybe video tag is broken for some reason. 我也活跃于官方discord
  8. The same problem as DGS media browser. It works in ancient MTA version....
  9. Give you a like for your efforts😋
  10. make the gas pump as object (removeWorldObject and createObject) amd then use
  11. I am afraid that it is an unsolvable question with only object. First, there is no way to get the texture from an object by position. Second, we can not get the texture from an object even you know which face of the object the mouse clicks without analyzing the dff file. But you can store the texture data in a table ....
  12. thisdp

    How to fix it?
  13. thisdp

    Need help

    addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,function() local _,_,playerRotation = getElementRotation(localPlayer) local cameraRotation = 360 - getPedCameraRotation(localPlayer) local cameraRad = math.rad(cameraRotation) local playerRad = math.rad(playerRotation) local includedAngle = math.cos(cameraRad-playerRad) local angleSymbol = math.sin(cameraRad-playerRad) if includedAngle < 0 then cameraRotation = playerRotation + 90*(angleSymbol > 0 and 1 or -1) setPedCameraRotation(localPlayer,cameraRotation) end end) Better to use cos/sin to solve this problem