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  1. thisdp

    [HELP] Text

    Don't worry too much about the performance, everything drops fps. DGS is alternative. Based on dx.
  2. thisdp


    Absolute position = Relative position * Parent size If there is no parent, parent size will be screen size. For example, My resolution is 1920x1080, dgsCreateWindow(0.5,0.5,0.2,0.2,"test",true) The relative position of window is x:0.5, y:0.5 The absolute position of window is x:960, y:540 ( x:1920*0.5, y:1080*0.5 ) The relative size of window is x:0.2, y:0.2 The absolute size of window is x:384, y:215 ( x:1920*0.2, y:1080*0.2 )
  3. thisdp


    If you can not endure bugs of cegui, there is an alternative dx lib.
  4. dxGetTextWidth/bounding box width
  5. thisdp


    Someone makes script for you means that you should pay for it. And it is difficult for you to know whether he made a back door in the script. For security, why not learn script by yourself, since you decided to build a server.
  6. newEnv = {} setmetatable(newEnv,{__index=_G}) local fnc = loadstring(code) if fnc then setfenv(fnc,newEnv) fnc() end Maybe this can be better for new enviroment
  7. the rough edges is adjustable, you can make it smooth just by changing the settings. Actually the edge is smooth by default
  8. idk whether this could help you or not.
  9. Your description is not clear enough to understand. Maybe you would like to see this
  10. thisdp

    Gui Theme

    ah tell you the truth, one reason of the birth of dgs is to slove this problem..
  11. what? wait a minute who are you? ah i know who are u now.
  12. +1900 since the year of computer starts from 1900
  13. because of "setfenv" And also, I recommend you to learn LUA weak table if you don't know.
  14. wind = dgsCreateWindow(0.2*sW,0,0.4*sW,0.4*sH,"Example Scroll Pane (exclude this window)",false) pane = dgsCreateScrollPane(20,0,200,200,false,wind) dgsScrollPaneSetScrollBarState(pane,false) scrollbar = dgsCreateScrollBar(0,0,20,180,false,false,wind) dgsSetProperty(scrollbar,"theScrollPane",pane) dgsSetProperty(scrollbar,"functions",[[ local scb = dgsScrollPaneGetScrollBar(dgsElementData[self].theScrollPane)[1] dgsElementData[self].multiplier = dgsElementData[scb].multiplier dgsElementData[self].length = dgsElementData[scb].length ]]) addEventHandler("onDgsScrollPaneScroll",pane,function(vertical) dgsScrollBarSetScrollPosition(scrollbar,vertical) end) addEventHandler("onDgsScrollBarScrollPositionChange",scrollbar,function(value) local scbs = dgsScrollPaneGetScrollBar(pane) dgsScrollBarSetScrollPosition(scbs[1],value) end) gdlt = dgsCreateImage(0.5,0,1.1,1.1,_,true,pane,tocolor(255,255,255,255)) gdlt2 = dgsCreateImage(0.1,0,0.7,0.7,_,true,pane,tocolor(0,255,255,255)) With the latest DGS, this is an example to handle your situation.