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  1. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    DGS download support is suspended on my server, please go to github instead. Update system working well with github, so don't be worry.
  2. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    Good idea, but i need extra spare time first.
  3. [Roleplay] Emerald Gaming [English]

    Cool bro! It is really a big hit! Really a server of high quality. Good Luck!
  4. FFFFF


  5. I have a Question about FetchRemote

  6. [HELP] guiCreateGridList

    cant, use a dx lib instead
  7. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    but have you compared with rendering 1 rectangle and render text with rendertarget? If dgs takes more cpu resource, I will take measurea to reduce it.
  8. Is it possible to code in Java for MTA?

    possible for server,but impossible for client
  9. Transparent Editbox

    Thanks for your supports. DGS edit doesn't supports arabic read style, but it will be added soon. Except for this, all things function. Text selection, other language and color and so on
  10. Transparent Editbox

    Now your problem is solved by DGS. If you have DGS, then loadstring(exports.dgs:dgsImportFunction())() edit = dgsCreateEdit(0.3,0.4,0.2,0.05,"test",true) dgsSetProperty(edit,"bgcolor",tocolor(255,255,255,0))
  11. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    Hello Everyone. DGS Discord Server is created: You can put forward your suggestions in the server. Any news of dgs will be available in the server. I am glad that you can join it. Thanks for your support !
  12. Call functions in other directories? Learn from here. If you think it too difficult or too complicated, just ignore me.
  13. Call functions in other directories?

    You can reenable the "require" by loading module in serverside.
  14. a Vehicle Component as an element

    why not use oop?