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  1. thisdp

    Gui Theme

    ah tell you the truth, one reason of the birth of dgs is to slove this problem..
  2. thisdp

    Bug to getRealTime?

    i am not a gay
  3. thisdp

    Bug to getRealTime?

    what? wait a minute who are you? ah i know who are u now.
  4. thisdp

    Bug to getRealTime?

    +1900 since the year of computer starts from 1900
  5. thisdp

    Convert File Buffer To Table

    because of "setfenv" And also, I recommend you to learn LUA weak table if you don't know.
  6. thisdp

    dgs ScrollPane help

    wind = dgsCreateWindow(0.2*sW,0,0.4*sW,0.4*sH,"Example Scroll Pane (exclude this window)",false) pane = dgsCreateScrollPane(20,0,200,200,false,wind) dgsScrollPaneSetScrollBarState(pane,false) scrollbar = dgsCreateScrollBar(0,0,20,180,false,false,wind) dgsSetProperty(scrollbar,"theScrollPane",pane) dgsSetProperty(scrollbar,"functions",[[ local scb = dgsScrollPaneGetScrollBar(dgsElementData[self].theScrollPane)[1] dgsElementData[self].multiplier = dgsElementData[scb].multiplier dgsElementData[self].length = dgsElementData[scb].length ]]) addEventHandler("onDgsScrollPaneScroll",pane,function(vertical) dgsScrollBarSetScrollPosition(scrollbar,vertical) end) addEventHandler("onDgsScrollBarScrollPositionChange",scrollbar,function(value) local scbs = dgsScrollPaneGetScrollBar(pane) dgsScrollBarSetScrollPosition(scbs[1],value) end) gdlt = dgsCreateImage(0.5,0,1.1,1.1,_,true,pane,tocolor(255,255,255,255)) gdlt2 = dgsCreateImage(0.1,0,0.7,0.7,_,true,pane,tocolor(0,255,255,255)) With the latest DGS, this is an example to handle your situation.
  7. thisdp

    Convert File Buffer To Table

    The first "print" prints "function" The second "print" prints "nil" I am afraid that you didn't test my code. If you think it is false without test, then it is false anyway. I don't care.
  8. thisdp

    Convert File Buffer To Table

    No need to unload, because the variables won't affect the _G table, this means everything is "local" which will be marked by garbage collector after they are useless (If you know how lua garbage collector works you will understand what I have said). The code has passed my test. In terms of your request, the code works. For the "local" variables, there is no way to get their name unless they are "global".
  9. thisdp

    dgs ScrollPane help

    i am working on a new function to solve your question. As soon as the new function finishes, i will post the method to realize what you want. thanks for your supports.
  10. thisdp

    Convert File Buffer To Table

    local buffer = [[local sx, sy = 0, 0 globalVar = 'test string' function testFunction() end local function testFunction2() end]] buffer = buffer:gsub("local","") local fnc = loadstring(buffer) local gTable = {} setmetatable(gTable,{__index=_G}) setfenv(fnc,gTable) fnc() for k,v in pairs(gTable) do print(k,v) end
  11. thisdp


    because "listaEmpregos" is a local variable in function "MarkerHit"
  12. thisdp


    why not outputChatBox(selected) ?
  13. thisdp

    Change DGS Progress Bar Color

    watch your debug message. about the "DGS" perfix: DGS = exports.dgs is always used. But i recommend you to use this instead loadstring(exports.dgs:dgsImportFunction())()-- load functions label = dgsCreateLabel(0,0,0.5,0.1,"text",true) --create a label
  14. thisdp

    Change DGS Progress Bar Color

    dgsSetProperty(progressbar,"bgColor",tocolor(r,g,b,a)) dgsSetProperty(progressbar,"indicatorColor",tocolor(r,g,b,a))
  15. thisdp

    [Help] Menu using dxDrawImage

    Ah, i am wrong.. After thinking for a while, i found the algorithm is a little bit complicated..