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  1. thisdp

    [HELP]Rotate Object Problem

    what about onClientPreRender?
  2. thisdp

    [HELP]Rotate Object Problem

    if getVehicleComponentRotation = handlingGetSteeringLock then To if getVehicleComponentRotation == handlingGetSteeringLock then But, your code still seems to be incorrect logically.
  3. Create a queue, and deal with it inside "onClientRender". For example, 200 objects will be created in 1 frame.
  4. Use "onClientRender" to disperse the pressure
  5. thisdp

    Multi Language

    dgs has built-in multi language support This makes it easier for developer to script multilanguage gui with dgs
  6. thisdp

    guiCreateBrowser problem.
  7. thisdp

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System Property: outline
  8. thisdp

    [Show] UIKit Library

    I mean CPU usage
  9. thisdp

    [Show] UIKit Library

    What about its performance?
  10. thisdp

    [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    use render target, but it will take some Video Memory. And if there is no video memory free for mta, then, you can't create render target.
  11. thisdp

    [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    This GUI Widget System is not based on dx
  12. thisdp

    [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    try to create gui element, and move your cursor, then you will find the same thing.