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  1. Hey guys , I'm looking for a 3D modeller or MTA mapper who can design a good tropical island for me. I'm trying to create a fun server , so that MTA dosen't die. I will pay provided it's not too expensive. My Skype : taher_the_great or PM me. Thank you.
  2. or you can simply use : https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DownloadFile. if you have any questions or need help , PM me.
  3. Here is a simple example. https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p ... s&id=10656
  4. -Blaze-

    gta sa textures

    Any luck with this ? I tried it too , but making a map in editor and attaching them one by one is almost imposible.
  5. so , there's no way i can use getCameraMatrix on serverside?
  6. oh, that could work, Thanks!
  7. oh , alright , but using the slice tool will create a straight line , and the texture problem will be fixed, but it wouldn't look realistic since the textures will be divided in equal circles ( mountain shape ). Thanks though! Any other way ?
  8. but it works perfectly on client ... However i require it on server side
  9. Hey, function getCameraMatrixPosition(player) local camx, camy, camz, tarx, tary, tarz = getCameraMatrix(player) outputChatBox(camx..", "..camy..", "..camz..", "..tarx..", "..tary..", "..tarz, player) end addCommandHandler("matrix", getCameraMatrixPosition) I need to use getCameraMatrix on server side due to some reasons but it just won't work. it gives an error : attempt to concatenate 'tarz' a nil value, in line 4. Any help?
  10. Hey guys , so i'm trying to make some objects using 3ds max , but i face an error. well , it's a lousy mountain , but look at the part where the rock material meets the sand material. The texture there is sort of distorted, it looks like a bunch of huge pixels there. This problem occurred because i used displacement giving it 100 length and width segments. i selected couple polygon faces for the rock texture , and the bottom faces for a sand texture. well , it doesn't seem smooth where both texture meet. is there a way by which i can make the textures smooth or make the meeting points look even? I don't know how to explain this any better : P
  11. Hey, I'm trying to make some peds ( stored in a table ) , follow me. it works , if i have more than 1 of them following me , eg. 4 , all 4 don't follow me . only 1 follows , and the rest run away in random directions. Maybe somethings wrong with my code? setTimer( function() for i, animal in ipairs(allAI) do -- Loop every ped if getElementData ( animal, "tiger") == true then -- if it's a tiger local tiger = animal if getElementData( tiger, "state") == "hunting" then local prey = getElementData( tiger, "prey") if isElement( prey ) then local pX, pY, pZ = getElementPosition(tiger) local aX, aY, aZ = getElementPosition(prey) local dis = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(pX, pY, pZ, aX, aY, aZ) -- run = block [ped] anim[run_player] -- walk = block[ped] anim[WALK_player] -- sprint = block[ped] anim[sprint_civi] if (dis > 20) then setPedAnimation ( tiger) elseif (dis <= 20 and dis>10) then setPedAnimation ( tiger, "ped", "sprint_civi",-1,true,true,true) setPedRotation( tiger, 360 - math.deg ( math.atan2 ( ( aX - pX ), ( aY - pY ) ) ) % 360 ) elseif (dis <= 10 and dis>3) then setPedAnimation ( tiger, "ped", "run_player",-1,true,true,true) setPedRotation( tiger, 360 - math.deg ( math.atan2 ( ( aX - pX ), ( aY - pY ) ) ) % 360 ) elseif (dis <= 3 and dis>2) then setPedAnimation ( tiger, "ped", "WALK_player",-1,true,true,true) setPedRotation( tiger, 360 - math.deg ( math.atan2 ( ( aX - pX ), ( aY - pY ) ) ) % 360 ) elseif (dis <= 2) then setPedAnimation ( tiger) triggerClientEvent(root, "fire", root, tiger,true,pX, pY, pZ, aX, aY, aZ) setPedRotation( tiger, 360 - math.deg ( math.atan2 ( ( aX - pX ), ( aY - pY ) ) ) % 360 ) end else setPedAnimation ( tiger) end end end end end, 200, 0) Any Help?
  12. yes , you will need to replace it with an invisible texture.
  13. hello , i'm trying to make an object move that has a colshape attached to it and if any ped hits that object while it's moving , it dies. function bindall (guy) bindKey(guy, "mouse1", "down", shootProjectile, guy) end addCommandHandler("bindit", bindall) function shootProjectile(guy) local length = 100 local x, y, z = getElementPosition( guy ) local _, _, rz = getElementRotation( guy ) local tx = x + - ( length ) * math.sin( math.rad( rz ) ) local ty = y + length * math.cos( math.rad( rz ) ) local tz = z local obj = createObject ( 1369, x, y , z + 0.5, 0, 90, rz+90) local theCol = createColSphere ( x, y, z , 2 ) setElementData( theCol, "spearColOwner", guy) attachElements( theCol, obj , 0, 0, 0) setElementParent(theCol,obj) setPedAnimation( guy, "GRENADE", "WEAPON_throw", 500, false, false, false, false) moveObject ( obj, 1500, tx, ty, tz) end function onHit(player) theOwner = getElementData(source,"spearColOwner") or false if (theOwner == false) then return end if((theOwner == player)) then return end killPed(player) end addEventHandler("onColShapeHit", root,onHit) The problem is that when i shoot the object out , it passes through the ped but ped doesn't get killed. I used setDevelopmentMode and /showcol to check the col position and everything is in place , exept the col doesn't detect anything that entered it. However , if i shoot about 10 cols at the same time , the Ped dies. it's pretty crazy . Any help?
  14. i will try that , but how to disable the explosion of the projectile?
  15. @tosfera , that could work, i tried this code > function shootProjectile() local x, y, z = getElementPosition(localPlayer) local nade = createProjectile(localPlayer, 16, x, y, z) local myobject = createObject ( 1369, 0, 0, 0) attachElements( myobject, nade) end bindKey("mouse1", "down", shootProjectile) However , the object doesn't attach to the projectile , also there aren't any errors in debugscript. Also , how can i disable the explosion of the projectile?
  16. Lets say i created an object local myobject = createObject ( 1369, x, y, z) i want to move this object in such a way , like the motion of a grenade when you throw it. it goes up for a while , then falls down , just like grenade.
  17. Hello, Is there a way to create an object having a projectile motion? eg. i make an object ( ID = 1369 ) is there a way to move this object in projectile motion?
  18. Username (In control panel): Hex First Name: Taher Last Name: Rangwala Birthday: 27/ 05/ 1999 Skype: taher_the_great Email:[email protected] Choose a server (Alpha,Charlie,Bravo): Alpha Server Slot: 50 Server Name: The Survival Server Reason that you want a free MTASA Server: I want a server so that i can make and test scripts with my friends and design a couple maps for community too.
  19. i just found a statement on the wiki saying - "This event is called when a player fires a weapon. This does not trigger for projectiles, melee weapons, or camera." so maybe this function doesen't work for meelee's. Is there any other way i can make it work? maybe some other function? i cant use colshapes because i have many trees/objects to check the hit on.
  20. hey guys , so i'm trying to make a script which outputs something when you hit a tree. addEventHandler("onClientPlayerWeaponFire", getLocalPlayer(), function( weap , ammo, ammoInClip, hitx, hity, hitz, hitElement, startX, startY, startZ) if weap == 6 then if ( getElementType ( hitElement ) == "object" ) and ( getElementModel ( hitElement ) == 686 ) then outputChatBox( "You have hit a tree" ) end end end ) normally the output should appear when you hit the tree with a shovel ( ID - 6 ) , but it doesn't happen so. However , if i remove the " if weap == 6 then " statement , it works for all weapons exept meelee weapons ( shovel , baseball bat etc.) How can i make it work for meelee weapons too? Thanks!
  21. Hey guys, I'm trying to make a script that can regulate the fire rate of various weapons without using ( setWeaponProperty ) , since the fire rate can only be changed on server side, but i want each player to have a different shooting speed. Any methods on how this can be done?
  22. yes i tried using setPedAnimation , but the player is not able to move while he is doing the animation. Any fix for that?
  23. hey there , i am making an arrest system. when the player is arrested , is there a way his hands can join back or front together so it appears as if he is handcuffed? Also when his hands are joined , can the player walk/run ? Thank you.
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