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  1. juanruiz85

    [SERVER] Funny Theft Auto

    IP Adress: Server Offline mtasa:// Actualizado Noviembre / 2017 Proximamente Online / 2018
  2. juanruiz85

    [SERVER] Funny Theft Auto

    i sent pm
  3. juanruiz85

    [SERVER] Funny Theft Auto

    IP Adress: Server Online mtasa:// Actualizado Diciembre / 2016
  4. juanruiz85

    [SERVER] Funny Theft Auto

    Release some scripts soon
  5. juanruiz85

    Intro in Loading screen

    see this gamemode It has an easy intro to customize viewtopic.php?f=108&t=82870
  6. juanruiz85

    [SERVER] Funny Theft Auto

    Nuevo video
  7. juanruiz85

    [SERVER] Funny Theft Auto

  8. juanruiz85

    [WIP] Jutsus Server Naruto

    thanks... really i like a lot your work
  9. juanruiz85

    [WIP] Jutsus Server Naruto

    Hi Now i am working in this... Amaterasu Katon Kamui really i like a lot the job of the users manawydan and mcnciolas208 and i tried to do something new.... i hope like it and the same time... i am trying give a plus to some resources from them thanks to manawydan for give me permision for use their code from his gamemode and mcnciolas208 for the textures and his public resources... i learned a lot and thanks for the community and this forum I always find something useful
  10. juanruiz85

    Zombie server

    if you have the resources and your tested them its easy be sure that you mtaserver.conf have the necesary info 1.- Need a hosting 2.- install the MTA server.... 3.- upload your files 4.- run the server Done >D your server its ready
  11. juanruiz85

    [REL] Silent Hill: DayZ (MTA DayZ Mod)

    thanks.... i will test this mod.... and save it in my colletions thanks again
  12. juanruiz85

    setPedAnimation not working properly

    sorry my english is bad i was asking about if not want frozen the ped .... and show the info trying to understand what you did but you do not like of this way and you are trying to do of other way the animation sorry and good luck
  13. juanruiz85

    [SERVER] Funny Theft Auto

    For now i think that you will be have problems with the conecction. later i will move it to a server on germany... maybe will be more fast of this way
  14. juanruiz85

    [SERVER] Funny Theft Auto

    I am from Mexico.... why?
  15. juanruiz85

    [SERVER] Funny Theft Auto

    he he he for this call it Full Theft Auto FAKE Do you think that i did good or bad for make this copy?