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  1. I actually think that 09 is the best, it really killed me with its beauty.
  2. Backz


    Savetujem da pogledate kako instalirati MTA!
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    Hahahah jebem ti majku
  4. It's "ballypllr" something, search it...
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    Balkan forum?

    No please nooooo
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    Balkan forum?

    Sta si ti onda lol
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    Srecna nova godina!

    Sprzila me struja.
  8. Sad je novi IP: mtasa:// Dodjite!
  9. Just stick with the context... It's a joke.
  10. Wait at least a day without a reply...
  11. I'd like to intervene here, despite that I don't know anything about Lua nor anything on this topic. You can correct each other if someone has made a mistake on their understanding of Lua or anything, but not through fights and insulting. @Revolt: Brate, nemoj tako, nemoj se spuštati na njihov nivo, vidiš da samo hoće da se svađaju. Pusti ih.
  12. Because of its dimension, it's really hard to even duplicate those flowers, then deleting them. You should contact an Admin about that.
  13. Maybe you should take a look at your .map file and see if some lines are deleted.
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    Spawn Map

    A very good & detailed explanation of what you need.
  15. Hold on. You didn't explain it properly. You want to delete these world objects?
  16. Backz

    How to map water?

    You're funny, I got to give it to ya.