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  1. Multisaeed25

    MTA Lag Issue

    Hi, I had an old laptop nd i recently got it working and everything, MTA Before wasn't lagging, now it does somehow, i deleted it, installed it again, nothing works, here are my specs: Intel i5 3.2Ghz 4GB RAM GTX 460 1GB
  2. Multisaeed25

    Rendering Problem

    anyone? bump
  3. Multisaeed25

    Rendering Problem

    Still the same issue after 5 minutes of playing
  4. Multisaeed25

    Rendering Problem

    The file in the description has been removed
  5. Multisaeed25

    Rendering Problem

  6. Multisaeed25

    Rendering Problem

    Reinstalled and it works good, but whenever i look somewhere and look at the opposite direction it takes time to load @MrKAREEM
  7. Multisaeed25

    Rendering Problem

    I've been lately having a rendering problem, it never happened to me, this is the first time, a guy told me it's memory leaks, and i should add more ram while the stream memory is set to max, idk what's wrong with MTA, Meanwhile in GTA SA Singleplayer and SAMP, It's all Gucci. (Note that i don't have any mods at all)